Saturday, May 19, 2012

[J D] The Dragon

I have been very busy, getting ready to move into a new place and all that, the past few months have been hectic a bit, beside the fact I haven't been very inspired to program or draw new things.  But today I have finished the first image for the dragon boss of JD!  So things are going well aside, getting ready to go on vacation to Philadelphia to go see a friend's wedding!  I'm excited to be able to visit with my good friends and take some time away from work.

J D:
Well... a few new things are here to JD.  First of all there is a graphics re-vamp of the fire caverns.  TheUlt re-did the sprite sheet and we have new graphics for the platforms as well as some nice intermittent background touches (extra walls between the foreground and the far background.)

Also JD Got a size upgrade!  The screen is now larger so you can see more of the level and have a better idea of where you are going and where to not fall down ;).

And of course we have a new Dragon Boss in development getting ready to be added soon!  I'll be working on the new boss and then we'll start on the Azure Caverns.

We also have new death animations for the player and enemies!  Enemies now explode in a ball of ink, and when the player dies they slowly vanish from the screen.

So lets take a look at some of the new stuff:

New Enemy Death Animation:
Enemies will now explode in a blast of black ink!
(also note the larger screen size!)

New Player Death Animation:
Julius will now slowly vanish when he dies.

New Fire Cave Graphics:
Rockier and with new middle range backgrounds.

And the new Dragon Boss which is coming soon!
Here is the initial graphic for him:
edit: Compare the new one I just did:
does it look better WITH or WITHOUT scales?

We have been working on things slowly, and there are a bunch of other little bug fixes and new stuff available.  Some of these are:
- Upgraded Caverns Music
- New Words (Surprise Surprise)
- Reduced the size on the room transition effect
- Upgraded Unstuck word (now teleports you to the beginning of the room if you need it)
- Black Ink Wells (Stand in them to gain more Black Ink!)
- Rock Golem Boss now has less health.  (Too many bombs to kill him).  Now you can kill him with 4 bombs (80 black Ink) instead of 7.

And these are just some of the things I can remember.

There will be a new file soon, probably after I finish with the Dragon Boss and add the entry way for the Azure Caverns.  So stay tuned to find out what is coming soon to Julius Dragonslayer!

As always you can find the latest file here:

And feel free to comment on the post and let us know what you think of the progress!