Monday, March 26, 2012

[Design] Character Design Document - LoL - Bernise

Well I'm here to bring you a new character design I thought of!  Meet Bernise the Ranch Hand.  This character was created after thinking about an article about how Riot draws their female champions.  I wanted to make a "husky" female champ.

Note:  This drawing was done in pen in 1 sketch, so i was unable to erase and it's just a rough sketch.


Passive: Brush Running
Bernise gains +25 movement in brush and +10 movement on grass and plains, however she loses -10 movement in water and on paved surfaces.

Q:  Brand  CD:  (13,11,9,7,5)
Bernise Marks her target dealing xx AD + (xx)*AD damage.  Targets remain marked for (5,6,7,8,9) seconds.  While marked, targets do 10% less damage to Bernise and take 10% more damage from her basic attacks as magic damage over 5 seconds.  Brand does 50% damage to targets already branded.

W: Pistol Whip  CD:  (24,22,20,18,16)
Bernise whips her pistol at the target dealing xx AD + (xx)*AD damage.  The target is stunned for 1 second.  If the target is branded they are stunned for an additional .5 seconds.

E: Pork and Beans  CD:  (45,45,40,40,35)
Bernise pulls out a can'o'beans and recovers (50,100,150,200,250) + 10% of her maximum health.  In addition she gains (10,15,20,25,30) AD for 10 seconds.

R:  Tilly  CD:  (120,100,80)
Bernise summons her horse Tilly and jumps on.  While mounted Bernise gains 60 movement, (100,200,300) HP and (10,20,30) armor and magic resist.

This is designed to be a nice AD mobility tank.  Plus she'll summon a cool mount to ride around on.  

I haven't thought of the story yet for Bernise but that's sure to come soon.

ALSO:  I have a bunch of Feiron Skin Concept sketches I did at the same time.  

Shadow Stalker Feiron

Cyborg Feiron

Lightning Fused Feiron

These will be added to my League of Legends character design post for Feiron.

Hope you enjoyed these ROUGH sketches (done in pen >_>).



[J D] Quality of life improvements to J D

Well first of all I did get my engine fixed and all is running well!  The only hitch was we missed 1 wire to the fuel injection system and I also bought the wrong oil filter and blew 30$ of premium grade oil all over my driveway.  But, other than that we changed out the head gasket, manifold gaskets, valve cover gasket and cleaned up the engine a bit and it runs great!  We also fixed some bad wiring in the car that might? have been causing problems.

Also I have a bunch of new character skin sketches and a new character sketch for my League of Legends character design stuff and I'll add that in later (when i can find a damn SD card for my copy machine... [which doesn't copy to the computer cause it sucks]).

J D:  
It's a simple update basically some quality of life improvements making the game simpler and more intuitive.

Some things added are:

1.  Player attacks now have an element or attribute attached to them.  Some of these include:  Cut, Explosive, Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, Normal.  We may add some later but for now these are used to:  do more damage to enemies susceptible to that type, destroy certain types of walls, open certain things, more later on with types and what to use them for.

2.  Ink values are now displayed above the ink bar.  Each ink bar has 100 ink possible and now you can see exactly how much you have and compare with the required cost in your notebook!

3.  Enemies drop alternative inks sometimes if you already have max ink of the type they were going to drop.  In other words, sometimes an enemy will now drop red ink if you have 100 black ink and vice versa.  This is to give you a little wider variety of ink if you are using a lot of 1 type (gold is the same and just as rare).

4.  More red ink spells!  Before we had lots for gold and black ink, but in this patch I added 5 new spells that use red ink!  Remember they disappear but they can all be gotten again from drops.  I've even tossed a few of the new spells in locations to find them.

5.  Healing well now heals for more!  Since you will probably sit there till full HP anyway, I just made the healing well heal faster.  Now you don't have to wait QUITE as long, as it heals 2.5x more per tick ( i think is the adjustment i made ).

6.  Throwing enemies give more warning.  The rock guys (only grey ones for now) will now jump before throwing a rock, so get ready to dodge!

7.  The pirate boss now speeds up his attack timer under 30% and there are now cross hairs for the cannon drop attack (the three cannon balls from the sky).  Because the screen is so short, it was hard to dodge those cannon balls coming down from the sky since you didn't know where they were going.  Now there are some cross hairs to tell you where they will hit.

8.  Added a few informational signs in the first area and added a use space bar floating text item.  Since we changed up the way you use words, I added in some new information for the player to read / see.  This should help new players figure out how to use items.

9.  Equippable words are now labeled with the word Equip.  Now items you can equip with words are  labeled as such.  For example:  'Sword' is now 'Sword Equip' and 'Throwing Knives' are now 'Knives Equip'.  Also there are some new equippable items added (Ninja Stars! - LvL 3 drop).

So let's show look at some screenies and I'll show you 1 or 2 of these things:

Screen Shot 1:  First you can see the ink values at the top of the screen now.  They are hard to see with some backgrounds so I will probably make a somewhat see through background to kinda give a little balance for the UI.  Second, the enemy is jumping right before he throws his rock at me.  (for now they make a little face, i'll fix that).  And third you can see the new floating word item, Use Word:  Space Bar, to let you know how to use a loaded up word.

Screen Shot 2:  Now you can see the cross hairs for the first boss.  That is the location where the cannon drop will fall so don't stand there! (Unless you like being hit by cannons).

Screen Shot 3:  Here is one of the new spells!  Ice Blast fires out shards in 8 directions and when they hit enemies they will slow them.  Ice attacks will slow most enemies for a short period of time.  Also keep an eye out for Ice Lance and Ice Turret, 2 new spells that you can get from drops (or find).

Well that's it for this post.  I'll try to get some work done this week but the next few weeks after this week are going to be ultra busy at work as we are being asked to take on extra shifts to cover for people quitting, that means 57-60 hour weeks for a few weeks, so I'll be limited till about mid April on what I can do for J D.

Also, coming soon:
-Another Level!
-Descriptions on the notepad (or next to it) for what words do.
-Fix word lengths in the notepad and re-work the notepad.
-Better music and more varied music (boss music esp).
-More words (always).
-Something else I haven't thought of yet!

Well, as always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for a new post about my league of legends sketches when I can figure out how to upload them.


Saturday, March 17, 2012

[J D] Pirate vs Ninja

  Stuff has been pretty hectic.  My car is still out of commission and I need to take the engine out this week and replace the head gasket.  I'm not looking forward to it much since I've never taken apart an engine before.  And there are a lot of things to take out of there.  As far as work goes, I am getting a promotion (sort of) from operations and mechanic to full time stationary engineer.  I'll have night shifts in full 12 hour rotations with day shifts as well (the sleep change is gonna kill).  But I will get paid more and have a nice premium for night time shifts.

  Well I did manage to set aside some time today to finish out the first boss of Julius Dragonslayer!  You will have to battle against the mean ol' pirate to get what you need to continue through the game.

Here are some screenshots of the action:

You face off against a pirate created by the Playwrite:

But dodge his bullets!  He packs quite a wallop!

Don't forget to dodge the fire from his trusty cannon as well!

And goodness gracious the cannon fires in the air too to drop on you from above! Careful!

Once you beat the pirate you'll get the word for "Bomb" which allows you to go back to the starting area and blow up the stone wall leading to the rock boss.  Once you beat him you can enter the fiery caverns below!

You can find the new file at the usual location here:

If you haven't tried JD yet, let us know what you think!  And if you have try the newest file and give us some feedback!  We are always eager to hear back opinions on the game.

Thanks for reading!


Thursday, March 8, 2012

[J D] Coming Soon: The Lava Caverns


Well I've got quite a bit of work on JD done lately.  Mainly the level after the 2nd boss (Which is now implemented).  Yea I have the 2nd boss done but not the first one.  So much for doing things in order.  Anyway the second boss is a Rock Golem guarding the entrance to the caves.  You have to beat him in order to enter.  The actual first boss will be the pirate boss and will be a little more engaging and difficult then the golem.  The golem is designed to be easy and simple to beat.  (That doesn't mean he won't rock you if you are careful ^_^).

Anyway, lets look at some screen shots of what you can expect from a new JD release soon:

Screen shot 1:  Here we see the rock golem summoning a large stone overhead.  The stones fall and when they hit the ground they spawn new little rock monsters.

Screen shot 2:  The golems skin is too tough to damage, but maybe something a little more powerful with a *pow* might be able to damage him.

Screen shot 3:  Jump down the hole near the sign to proceed, but beware, you can't go back after this point (it's commitment bro)

Screen shot 4:  You have arrived in the caverns.  *note* that isn't the final background i don't think, it's just something I made quickly to make it less bland.

Screen shot 5:  But beware the monsters!  They seem like ones you've seen before, but they might have some new moves to throw at you.

You can expect the new release of JD once we finish the first boss and polish a few things up in the initial areas.  Also, I changed the story like up a little and at some point would like to change how it shows the text. This is on the to do list (which is a big un).

Well, stay tuned for more exciting updates.  Hopefully next time we'll have a release to go with the post, but for now keep checkin back for updates.

Sayounara Minna-san


Friday, March 2, 2012

[J D] Upgraded Battle System

Life has been fairly hectic, I've been working a LOT, running to train for a half marathon in May and I am now engaged!  I proposed to my girlfriend on her birthday and well, she said yes!  Other than that work has been good, life continues on as usual and enough of the boring stuff:

Well it's been tough to find time to sit down and code, but I did some recently and upgraded a few things that I thought might be a good improvement.

Of course there are also new words added as with nearly every update!  I can always find a few minutes to craft a new word into the game for a new release ;).

Well here is the biggest update:
Using a word from your notepad no longer uses it immediately.  Instead it stores it in a word slot at the top of your screen and when you press the space bar, it will use the top word.  You will be able to unlock up to 3 slots in the game when it is finished.  Also, pressing space when there is no word will automatically select the last word you used IF it was a black ink word.  That way you don't blow a bunch of red and gold ink accidentally.

Here are some screen shots:

See that little circle in the picture above? Well when you use a word it fills in green as shown below.

  I need to adjust some of the colors as well, but it shows you in black/red/yellow which type of word it is as well.  I think I'll change black to blue as the contrast right now is terrible with black.  I've tried all the shades of gray as well.  Some new stuff that you probably won't notice as much is in the newest file as well:  Level 1 is redone (mainly the area leading into the caverns).  There will be a new mini boss there that you have to beat to gain entrance to the caverns.  I made the area for him and set it all up. 

As for the first boss in the game, the room is all ready, I am waiting on a ship sprite and the graphic for the boss to begin implementing him.  He'll be a pirate boss with cannon attacks and gun shots.  Perhaps some bombs too.

All in all, it's been a busy time for all of the people on this project.  I know that I am also very busy, but I am glad to set aside a little bit to get some work done and *finally* post a little bit about the progress of JD.