Saturday, June 30, 2012

[SBX2] Auto Shop Completed

  Well, I am glad to announce that I finally have an air conditioner in my house.  This 100+ degree weather was taking a toll on my indoor temperature, but now it is nice and cool!  Yay.

  I sat down, and coded for 4 straight hours and finished the Auto Shop!  There are a few items in the game to get so far, and now you can equip them!  As I make more items you'll be able to go to the auto shop to access them.  Also there were some minor additions to the game as well, such as a delete file function that resets a file (which apparently is a bit bugged, don't hit it unless you want to delete a file, esc doesn't work atm).  There are also some stars in the background of the map area to make it look a little better as well.

So let's look at some screens:

At the bottom there is now a Delete File selection to erase old files and reset the information in the save file.

Here is the Auto Upgrade Shop!  Found just above level 1 after you rescue Floyd and leave the area, you are able to access the Auto Shop and equip your collected items!  There are 4 pages starting with weapons, and continuing to generators, add-ons and boosters.

While the on the weapons page you have to click the weapon and then click a slot, the other 3 pages require only one click on the item  you need.  Because there is only one place to put it :).

And here is the update video:

What is coming soon:
- Explorable areas in level 1
- Level 2
- More items, weapons, enemies

Stay tuned for new updates and if you subscribe to my blog or youtube channel, you might just get some special neat goodies in the future!  

Thanks for reading,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

[SBX] Final Boss Kill Video


As per the request of TheUltimate, here is a video of me beating the final boss of SBX on easy mode.

Honestly I'm not sure the game is able to be beaten on hard... I don't have the patience myself to try, but if you do, kudos and I'll surely reward you with secret codes for SBX2 and whatnot :).

So here is the video:

It took me a few tries to kill the boss because I kept hitting the dashing enemies, but I did successfully beat the level.  So it IS possible.  I highly recommend getting Level 3 on whatever your favorite weapon is.  Perhaps even trying for the Ultra Core from Endless Mode too.  

So enjoy the video, I'll have a new video sometime this coming week of the new items I've added to SBX2.  There are 2 new weapons to show off and some new add-ons.

Enjoy the video!


Thursday, June 21, 2012

[SBX2] Demo Video 1


Well I just got a little video developing program called Debut (Lite Version) in order to make some videos on SBX2 and some of my other games.

Granted I am not a video editing professional, nor do I do it very often so bear with, I'm just posting them to youtube as is.  This is a video demonstrating the new add-ons to SBX2:  The BoostPlus and the TeleJump.  They are two cool mobility based add-ons.

Feel free to enjoy the video and let me know what you think of SBX2!

From time to time I am going to start adding demo videos to my blog and youtube to get the game out there and hopefully build a little bit of a fan base.

Once I get a new computer I may start streaming my programming work as well, as some other game designers seem to do.

Well, just a quick update for today, got a bit work done because I was prohibited from procrastinating on game design (THANKS A LOT RIOT GAMES).

Jk, but with the LoL servers down,  it was good to get some work done.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

[SBX2] Level 1 story + TeleJump Add-on added to the game!


Well I finished the story area for Level 1 where you meet Floyd, the Mechanic.  You first have to kill all the enemies then travel to the Auto Docking Station where you will encounter the Aerospace Mechanic, Floyd.

After talking to him for a bit he will agree to be your mechanic and both Level 2 and the Auto Shop will unlock.

Once you exit, you can go back to the portal and exit back out to the map to see the new levels highlighted.

Clicking on them will take you to the Tutorial Level for now, until they get real levels put in.  So don't bother unless you really want to.

Here is a screen shot of the Auto Docking Station (Floyd has left already in this screen shot).

Also I have a new Add-On in the game!  It's called the TeleJump and by right clicking when it is charged, you can jump to anywhere within your view instantly, leaving behind an after image!   Be  careful because it can easily get you killed.  But it's great for escaping enemies, dodging bullets and getting a good shot on a baddie.  

Here are some screen shots of the new Add-On and interface for it (Note the mouse has a new sprite when you have the TeleJump equipped ^_^):

As you are waiting for it to charge, both your mouse icon and the Jump Meter are darkened and faded a bit.  As you get closer to filling up, the addon on your ship will begin to spin faster and faster until....

...your Meter is fully charged and you are ready for a Teleport Jump.  Your mouse will begin to glow and your add-on image on the ship will be spinning rapidly.  Then you can move your mouse around and right click on the map to...

...teleport your ship to a new location.  As you can see below, as soon as you teleport, an after image is left at your previous location that quickly fades away, letting you know where exactly you were, as well as looking pretty cool.  Use this mobility Add-On to escape from enemy fire, hop over walls, and dodge charging enemies!!!

Well since the Auto Shop is not programmed in yet, for you fans and readers of the blog, I have a special name entry code that will let you try out the TeleJump.

When you start a new file, type in the name:  "Teleport" and then after you beat the tutorial area and enter the Galactic Map, you will see a message saying "It's teleportin time" or something like that.  When you enter Level 1, you will have the TeleJump equipped and ready for use!

The new file is now available here at:

Be sure to comment on the blog about what you like about SBX2, give constructive feedback, and let me know what you think overall!

Thanks for reading, and keep an eye out for new updates coming soon!


Monday, June 18, 2012

[SBX2] Floyd, the Mechanic


Well I got a few minutes before I had to head off to work so I started work on the next character in SBX2:  Floyd, the Mechanic.

So far I have his profile image for dialogue and a standing image of him.  I think the standing image is all I will use for now, as he is just a minor character and doesn't really need much animation.

You will meet him in the Auto Docking Station of Level 1 and talking to him unlocks the Auto Shop to upgrade your ship (Which I will make soon).

Well here he is:

Meet Floyd, the Cigar Smokin' Mop Headed Genius Mechanic that can help upgrade your ship when you get new items and weapons!

You might have to save him from some fuscian blobs when you examine the docking station though.

And here he is standing in game with his mini sprite:

No that is not a cow suit, those are oil stains.  And he does have the cigar, but it's barely visible.

I only had an hour or so to work on the game so this is all I have done, but soon I'll add more.  Be sure to check back for new areas in level 1 including an explorable area with fuchian monsters to beat and items to uncover, as well as the Auto Docking Station where the next part of the story continues.  

And then I'll work on the actual docking station to allow you to upgrade your ship and prepare it for all the cool stuff you can unlock in the game.  Also I need to make a bunch of new add-on items as well.  But I have some ideas already :).

Well, thanks for reading folks and look for Floyd soon in the near future to new updates of SBX2.

**no update yet with floyd but you can download the latest file here:

**also... woot woot 50 downloads!



Saturday, June 16, 2012

[SBX2] Level 1 almost Finished


Ack this weekend is crazy, too much work.  And by too much work I mean too much time at work.  I like working, but my job is basically sitting around all day and driving to buildings to check readings.  It's fairly extremely boring work.  I need to be creating! developing! making things!  And thus I have SBX2.  Also, I found the original Space Blaster and Space Blaster 2 which were my first 2 games with Game Maker that spurred the idea for SBX.  For some reason they run on another computer but do not run on my lap top.  I will figure out how to get them working hopefully then add them in a special package on Yoyo games for you to try (they are really simplistic games ^_^).


Well Level 1 is available to play in the latest file here:

We've got some screen shots today so I'll tell a little about what I have added so far.

First we have Level 1!  There are some nice planets and asteroids in the background.  I have also fixed the parallax scrolling script and reduced my objects of it to 1: that I feed in the sprite, location, depth and movement factor.  Then it creates and makes the planets move slightly in comparison to the player, which you can compare in later screen shots.  (The portal behind the radar screen in the top left corner opens up when all the enemies are dead.)

There is also a nice Asteroid Field that you can navigate through to fight some enemies behind it.
Also note the planet is in a different position way in the background.  (And I've figured out some new planetary image making techniques to make it look nicer.)

Here you can navigate through a patch of debris and destruction to gain access to your 3rd weapon:  The Spreader.  It will automatically equip to your third slot if it's free (which it is the first time you play the level.)
Note also the flame graphics and the use of the new tile set.

And BAM the spreader fires a spread of 5 shots that slowly spread out.  They also do more damage than they used to.  Which helps.  I guess.

And lastly today we have the Auto Docking Station.  There will be a teleport object that will take you to a story line area inside the docking station that will let you unlock access to the Auto Shop in the Map.  I'll start working on the Auto Shop once I get some free days to put it together nicely.

Some other things added are:
- New Mouse Cursor Sprites (will be more later too)
- New Icon for the game.
- Revised Dialogue in the control room of the starting area (where General B is dying).
- Upgraded Scripts for enemies.

Coming Soon:
- 4 new Add On items!  I'll add these in and let you test them with a special Code later that takes you to a special test room with buttons to let you swap them mid level.
- Custom Loading Screen.
- Auto Docking Station (Let's you equip upgrades yay!)
- A new character!
- Explorable areas in Level 1.  (Areas like the cave of trials in the tutorial zone)

And much, much more.

Well I really should be sleeping right now.   So that's that!

Ciao Minna-san,


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[SBX2] Back in Progress - Graphics Update

Well I have decided to start work again on SBX2 and it is no longer in hiatus after 6 months!  I had been working on Julius Dragonslayer and then I started doing some work on SBX1 to polish it up a bit.  And then I just got a hankering to work on SBX2 again.  So I'll start working on it some more.  I did quite a bit of baseline work today for getting graphics ready for Level 1.

Also I did some back end work on a few of the systems to make them more compatible with new stuff coming up.  And I added in Boosters 2-5 and Generators 2-5 as well as adding generators to the game. I hope by the game to have 20-(40 maybe) weapons, 20 addons, 20 generators and 20 boosters.

I spent nearly 2 hours on the basic pipe sprite sheet for Level 1.  I made 2 stages of broken pipe tiles to add to the level.  There are still more graphics I need to make such as:  Fire burning images (yes in SBX fire CAN burn in space... because it's cool),  Electric Shock Images and Wires to go around the piping and create electrical spark zones you have to dodge, Asteroid and Meteor Graphics, building graphics for the auto shop, inside building graphics for a few areas that you can access, and a few other small things.

There is going to be a TON of content in level 1.  I plan to have 3-4 items that you can find and unlock by exploring the zone.  There should be 2 different areas you can enter as well.  This all requires a lot of graphics and it takes me a fair bit of time to create each sprite sheet.

Well let's take a look at some of the progress today:

First we have my original space pipeline tile set that I had done earlier.

And I added 2 new variations to it making a damaged set and a destroyed set.
There will also be electrical shocks and fires on top of these tiles, but I'll probably use objects to make those and give them a bit of damage and whatnot.

I think for now I'll just keep the first 2 types of enemies.  Each area I'll add more types of enemies with different attacks and who are tougher.  Also I don't plan to have a boss for Level 1 but there should be bosses in coming levels as well.  

Level 1 should look very pretty and graphically pretty cool once I get all the background effects and areas set up in it for exploration.

Stay tuned for more information on SBX2, which is now once again in progress! Yaya!

You can download the file from my yoyogames profile here:



Friday, June 8, 2012

[SBX] Balancing Weapons - Etc.


There is a new file to download:  Version 1.6 of SBX:

This is just a short post on some new stuff I worked on.  First of all is some large balancing issues to Level 3 weapons.  All the level 3 weapons should feel powerful and pretty beastly.  Some of these fell way short and had too high of a cool down or too high of a heat cost.  These weapons got buffed.  A few other weapons were putting out massive damage very quickly, and these were nerfed a bit (specifically the splatter cannon Lv 3).

Also I added in a small amount of HP recovery after each wave in Endless Mode.  This way you don't feel AS obligated to take the recovery special on endless mode.  I might reduce the amount healed after each wave on Hard and increase it on Easy too, we'll see.

Some things I want to work on to put some finishing polish in the game before I set it aside again for SBX2:
- 2 more bosses on endless
- Custom Music (If I can find someone)
- Perhaps re-adding a few skins that were long lost when the graphic update came ;)

Well that's it... somehow I get productive after finishing a 12 hour work shift.  Sleep deprivation must spur on creativity.  Either that or I'm not quite sane.  The latter seems like a more probable answer.

Anyway, check out the new file, and let me know what you think!


Monday, June 4, 2012

[SBX] Small Update to Level 3

So finally, I have moved into my new place.  Half of my shit is still sitting around my living room, but I have begun to organize it into shelves and areas around my house.  I have the master bedroom, which is probably the largest room I have ever lived in, although half of it is filled with half full boxes.  In between trying to set up internet at our place and working, things are coming along slowly.  Nicely, but slowly.

I also got a job promotion!  Chyea!  I have been promoted from a mechanic and operator to a stationary engineer.  Sweet.  Now I can nerd out with all my REAL engineer friends, because  my job title has the word "Engineer" in it, despite the fact it doesn't really have anything to do with real engineering.

Also, my best friend has moved here to Colorado with me and is living with me until I get married next year.  He's also going to be my best man.  He's also testing out SBX and giving me some feedback, which leads us to the main topic:

No screen shots this time, but there is a small update to SBX.

The main thing is that I extended the colored laser sensors in Level 3 to stay lit for five times as long on EASY mode.  On hard mode, you will still have to rush all over to get them all lit, but that room was easily one of the hardest areas early on in SBX.

Now it falls in line more with ease of play and lets you experience the other levels if you were stuck there.

If you were one of those people who tried and failed at the color room in level 3, try again! It's much easier.

Also there was a bug where if you died right as a boss died, there would be an error and crash the game.  I added a check to the code in the boss HP control objects to bypass this bug.

So there is a small update, as we get internet at our place and don't have to use a net cafe to post and work on stuff, there will be more updates to SBX and JD.

I also would like to continue progress on SBX2, as it could turn into quite a fun game.  Of course I would need to once again get a sound artist, but that's minor stuff, I would like to avoid using copy written music.

Well that's it for now, hopefully the next update will have some more bosses for the endless level.
(Also I'm thinking about reworking the Detonator to explode on impact rather than press and release).