Sunday, November 2, 2014

Converting Visitors to Register - adding an Unobtrusive Pop Up

So after about a month or so of having my e-mail login active on my web page, I have exactly zero sign ups.  This isn't unexpected so I'm working on drawing more attention to the login and register buttons at the top.

A lot of websites see great results from using a full page popup when a new visitor visits the site, but generally when I see these I immediately leave the page, and it's fairly infuriating.

So my goals with the most recent pushes to the website were:

1.  To have a pop up that notifies new users about the registration button, but have it be off to the side and non obtrusive when viewing the website and easily closed.

2.  To make the registration process a bit more intuitive and flow a little easier.

For the first goal, I created a little speech bubble pop up that will show only if a user does not have login information saved on their computer, and when it pops up, it will only show for about ten seconds, and won't show back up for 24 hours.  I might extend this to 48 hours / a week, but I don't think users are visiting my site more than once within any length of time.

Here's an example of the pop up:

I wanted it to be mostly out of the way, and while it does cover up some buttons on the UI, it has a clear close button that closes the box immediately.

The second thing on my list was to make the registration process easier.  Before, the login and registration buttons were tied together, meaning you had to click them both and that would pop up the login prompt, then you had to click the register button, and then register.

These buttons have now been split out into a separate login and register button so that users can choose accordingly and not have to go through an extra click.

Just a few small UI updates that I've been meaning to do to convert more visitors into registered guests.  I'll post an update later on the results of the slight UI changes.

Jason C.