Saturday, April 28, 2012

[SBX] Endless Boss 1


Well I have  made a boss for the Endless Level.  I think I am going to make 3-4 bosses each coming in at the 3rd, 6th and 9th waves (12th if i have 4)

Currently I have the first boss at wave 3!

He's a toughy too you better watch out.  He's got a mounted turret, missile pods that do tons of damage and lots of HP.  Get ready to fight to the teeth against this guy.  If you aren't fully equipped with some decent weapons he'll tear you apart.

Here he is, the first boss of the Endless Challenge. 

His turret will fire bursts of 3 rounds at you:

And his missile pods will occasionally pop out:

But you should watch out because those pods then explode to release a rain of missiles:

And all those missiles are slightly homing.

Also I fixed the bug where the Crazy Ball did no damage, so now it's a viable item!  If you haven't tried SBX out yet, check it out here:

Just click download and you are good to go!

Also click the follow button to see new updates to SBX, Julius Dragonslayer, and whatever other projects I start on in the future!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

[SBX] Endless Level Added

Well, Originally I wanted to have an endless level to test out new weapons on for SBX, but I never had added it.  I have now completed the new Endless Level for SBX where you can test your mettle versus endless waves of enemies.

Enemies start out with half health on the first wave, but each wave increases their HP by 50% of their original HP.  So at level 2 enemies have 100% hp, at lvl 3 150% hp and so on.  They keep getting harder and harder to kill!

Also, you don't gain any experience for your weapons in endless mode.

And, if you score high enough, you may just unlock one of your Ultra Items!  Sweet!

Well here are some screen shots of the new level:

The New Map Screen:

Crazy Waves of all types of Fuscian Space Ships:

And if you manage to get one of those high scores, (pretty tough to do without beast weapons), you could unlock some pretty neat items:

Well there were a few other bug fixes and things I added here and there, but now the game has everything I originally intended it to have!  

Try it out and let me know what you think of the new endless level, also, I'll be keeping a tally of the best high scores in the GMC topic:

And you can as always, download the game here:

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Sunday, April 22, 2012

[SBX] What an UPDATE?!?

  Lately I haven't been motivated to program much, mostly my brain feels like gelatin.  But surprisingly enough, after a 12 hour night shift, this morning I felt inspired to do an update to SBX... huh go figure.  Delirium brings great things!.. sometimes.  Anyway, I am looking forward to May, as I have 2 vacations, one is for the half marathon in Michigan with my darlin' (which, BTW, i wimped out of, I am just going to run the 5k) and the other is for a friends wedding in Philly.

Also one of my good friends is moving to Colorado to live with me for this coming year until I get married!  I am very excited.  For one, he is one of my closest childhood friends, and also, he is good at tennis and now i have someone to play!  (Other than my fiancee who is doing well but still learning).

Well it certainly has been a while since I have even contemplated this first completed game of mine, but I did, and I went back and made Easy mode... well... easy!  I didn't really have an easy mode, just normal and hard, but I decided to go back and change normal to easy.  It was simple enough, I lowered the HP of the enemies in the first half of the game, reduced damage taken by enemies to the player and lowered the score requirements for an A and B in level 1 by QUITE a bit.

The other big update was a new GUI!  Yea!  I made a much prettier HUD that isn't blocky and boring like the old one,  I made a few simple sprites and made something still simple but a little less boring looking (It also takes up much less space).

Well let's take a look at a few screen shots to give you an idea of the new HUD.



As you can see in these Level 1 screen shots, the new UI has a better flow and takes up a little bit less room. I really like how it turned out compared to the old ones, it's more colorful and just looks a lit nicer overall with the gradient bars.

Here are 2 more from level 5:



So nothing profound or too new to SBX, but I figured I'd share the little update with you all.

As always you can find the game download here:

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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[J D] Lava Caverns: Part Deux!

  It has been a hectic time (as is per the norm) but I managed to get a bunch done to JD in my day off today.  (Even though I didn't get to go running >_>, and by didn't get to go, i mean just didn't go)  Things have been well and looking through all the marriage planning books is quite... interesting?

  Well, there is a new update to Julius Dragonslayer!  I finished planning out and designing the next level in the fire caverns area.  I personally hate the two backgrounds I have made for those levels, I will need TheUlt to make me some prettier ones, but for now they'll do.

Game Download Link:

What's new?
- New Level!
- New Enemy!
- New Word!
- Fun!

So let's look at some screen shots and see what we have going for us in this new update!

As you can see there have been some slight UI changes as well.  We'll see how they go over for now.
But there is the Lightning Ball that has been used, a new word in the game!

Here is a screen shot of the new enemy!  He'll fire some wicked fire wheels at you, so make sure to dodge!
Also he teleports around to different platforms so be careful.

There are two different patterns for the new enemy in the game.
He has his little zone he likes to teleport around in.  
(HINT, if you Jump Dash through him, you don't take damage)

Well, look for some new updates coming soon as well!

Things in the development queue:
- Lives will drop to a Heart x Number format after 4 lives so that when you collect a lot they don't spread across the screen
- Journey Stones will allow you to save your game for later fun!  (This will take a system revamp)
- Teleporters will require you to use your action key (X/K) before they port you so it's a manual thing rather than automatic.
- Other fun stuff and revamps I haven't yet thought of, (or ones I thought of and forgot to write down)

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Monday, April 2, 2012

[Design] Character Design - Feiron Colored

Well it is now Face book official that I am engaged.  But things are going well, work is going alright, the half marathon in Michigan is coming up in about a month!  Holy smokes I don't think my 5 mile run is going to cut it.  I need to start upping my mileage.  Also I'm planning on getting back into the Unity course by Walker Boy Studios and finishing that up to put on my resume.

Kind of a conglomeration of things going on at the moment.  Especially with wedding planning and all sorts of things.


The reason I'm posting is to show the first stages of my coloring project of Feiron, The Lightning Dancer, a sketch I did last December.  Feiron is a league of legends champion concept, and I'm making a color version of the sketch.  Now bear in mind that I am not a professional artist, I just draw and work on Paint.NET for fun.  So don't compare me to your deviate art friends (like some I have) that blow my art out of the water.

But here is what I have done so far.  I took the sketch, outlined it in black and colored in each section in different layers for me to work on later separately.

Feiron (First Initial Flat Coloring without Shading):  

So this is just the initial coloring, I'll have to go back and add texture and shading all over as well as details like the inside of his ear and other places.

BUT, I just figured I'd share it since it takes me forever to do art projects like this.

Stay tuned for more JD updates (Which are in the works)  and make sure to check out SBX if you haven't yet here:  Games Portfolio:

Thanks for reading!