Saturday, August 30, 2014

Web Security on the new website

Today I'm spending some time on implementing some web security for the website.  On my to do list (Trello is a great resource btw)  I have double checking the SQL Parameters to make sure they're parameterizing inputs properly, adding input scrubs on the server and client side to stop XSS attacks, and a few other things that I'm adding to the site.  Also I need to encrypt all my password data as well, but that's not on here yet as you can see below:

There is a lot to do for security alone, and I still need to add my press page, the games page (and all the game pages for each game, and build in an automated e-mail system.  The e-mail system I might leave until I start integrating the page into host gator but we'll see.  I might have to use their SMTP since I don't have one set up locally.

It's fun and coming along, and I'm glad I have a bit of time this weekend for labor day!  Work got off early yesterday and the Professional Services team went out kayaking Thursday and got off early as well.

It's been a pretty relaxed week, but we're about to hit the busiest time of the year, so the rest will be well used.  

That's it for now, just another small look at the website and how it's coming along. 


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Website Updates, RSS Link to this blog, new test game in the works.

So I've done a little bit of work to the website, namely pulling in the RSS feed from this blog and displaying the four latest posts on my blog page.

And I'm always changing up the formatting trying to find a color scheme I like for the page.  So any feedback on whether it's too cluttered or not exciting enough etc, helps.

Here's a screen shot of the blog page, pulling data directly from this blogger site.

Also I've begun working on a new browser based game.  The first iteration will launch with the new website under the games tab, and I'll probably keep the game javascript/client side (which lets you cheat super easily) for the first few iterations until I figure out if the game is fun or not before building in server side verification.

The game is going to eventually be a mobile game, and is a take on pattern recognition.  It's called Anomaly, and that's all the teaser I'll give for now, but as I get free time I'll try to finish up my website and get that info out.

That's it for now, the website is slowly coming along as I have bits of free time here and there to work on it.