Thursday, May 23, 2013

[SBX:I] Level 4 finished, balanced and some small updates.


  Level 4 is finally finished.  It was way too difficult so I toned it WAY back.  It's still hard at this point but definitely more doable.  I was losing to my own level before.  Hah.  Also there are tons of little things and bug fixes.  There is a nasty bug where saving to the .ini file bugs out the screen sometimes and lags the game. I have this mostly fixed (I think) but it still happens some times.  It might have to do with read/write accessibility of the folder.

  So what's new?  AIUA has a voice!  That's probably the biggest thing, AIUA now has spoken lines for all the story and a few announcements such as your miners dying.

  Also, Laser Turrets are less buggy and sniper turrets are more accurate especially on stopped enemies.  There are still a few small niggling bugs but most of the glitches are taken care of.

  New songs have been added to the game as well!  Level 3 and 4 now have new music thanks to some awesome work by Jimecide!  The tutorial and starting levels are also a bit slower and walk you through a little better.

  Here are the new download links:
  Yoyo Games - GAME DOWNLOAD
  Mediafire - Game Download

Check it out and let me know what you think:  Specifically I'm looking for feedback on Pacing and Difficulty.

I'll try to get a bit done when I can but for now enjoy Level 4!


Saturday, May 18, 2013

[Personal] What is coming up in the next few months


Not much has been going on with SBX:Inv lately.  I just got back from Italy yesterday and it was a blast!  Got me a nice tan, some slick leather shoes and spent hundreds and hundreds of dollars on delicious food.  Seriously.

So what is in the works?  Well the rest of this month I'm moving all my stuff over to Jenny's place and staying there until July 1st.  Then we are both moving to Boston, MA and I'll be starting work on SBX:Invasion full time as an indie dev.

I'm pretty excited to work for myself, ready for the challenges and willing to work my ass off to make it happen.  So for now I'm just planning, prepping, moving and getting everything boxed up and packed for moving to Boston.

I'm pretty excited to start meeting the Boston Indie devs as there seems to be a pretty large crowd there and I am looking forward to being near enough to attend PAX East.

So that's it for now, I'm enjoying married life so far and am looking forward to working for myself!

Stay tuned, I'll likely get a little work done in June but not too much until July/August.