Saturday, July 28, 2012

[Personal] Just an update to what's going on.

  I haven't been working on SBX2 much lately.  I've been considering a lot of options about what to do next as far as projects go and have decided to finish my Unity Course, relearn and get back into a more professional programming and game development system.

  Game Maker has been fun and is an exceptional beginners tool, but alas it won't get me a job nor make me any money so I am going to at the very least take a break from my game maker projects and work on learning JavaScript and getting more familiar with Unity.  I have considered going back to school for another degree in Computer Science but that's only should I get enough funds to be able to afford it.  For now, I will focus on learning professional languages and developing my projects outside of Game Maker.

  Other than that, life is going well.  My job is still tedious and has shitty hours, but my bosses are happy with me and it pays well.  I also just got my Universal Technician Certification by ESCO for CFC Refrigeration.  So now I am licensed to work on HVAC systems and work with refrigerant.

Book I'm reading:  If you are any fan of fantasy novels I HIGHLY recommend Patrick Rothfuss.  His books "The Name of the Wind" and "The Wise Man's Fear" are exceptional.  I don't often read books twice, unless a new one in a series has just come out, but I found myself wanting to reread "The Wise Man's Fear" again.  And I did, and it was just as good the second time reading through it.  No skimming, no jumping around, it was just plain enjoyable.  Which is rare.  I can't say enough good things about Rothfuss' books but he is an incredible author and I eagerly await the third book in the series.

Game I'm playing:  Terraria is an incredible little game that was on Steam for a mere 5 dollars in the summer sale.  The creative nature of the game is incredibly fun, and using Hamachi to create an artificial LAN, you can play with friends around the States on a multiplayer server.  The game scales incredibly well and has great RPG elements and a good progression system.  As you get stronger items you are able to progress further and further in the game creating passages to find ores and create your own world.  I am a creative person so I absolutely loved the creativity I was allowed to express in building my house/fort.  If you have a few spare bucks and can try it out, It's well worth the 10$ price tag.  Once you collect everything there isn't too much to keep you playing, but the time and money is well spent.

Well, time to get back into studying and progressing my JavaScript ability.  I have been thinking about studying C# as well as that seems to be another good language to learn.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates to Wakeskater Studio and where I'll be taking it in the future.


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