Saturday, November 3, 2012

[SBX2] Level 3 - The Fortress


  I've added new content to the game!  Level 3 is now open and there are some new things to see.
  A few additions are:

  -  A new character

  -  New upgrade items (that restore HP and Shield Power)

  -  A new Turret Enemy

  -  Layer removal in the level so you can uncover new parts of the level as you progress.

Let's take a look at some screen shots:

When you enter the level you start out in the upper right corner of the base.
Enemy Turrets are nearby defending the entrance.

As you travel around searching for a way to open the gate be sure to look for items to acquire.

After destroying something ^_^ the gate is open and the roof layer is removed allowing you to see inside!

Inside the fortress are more enemies and new gates to open!

Also here is the new HP recovery item!  Collect them to restore HP.  You will find them scattered throughout the levels.

Well, that's just a sneak peak at the third level of SBX2!  If you want to download it and play it you can download the file here:  

Stay tuned for new updates!

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