Friday, December 28, 2012

[Video Game] Topia Online Kickstarter


  This post will just be in English as it is specific to people here in the USA.  Well I have news about a new Sandbox style MMO.  Their kickstarter has just 11 days left and I figured I'd give them a shout out on my blog.

  I first discovered these guys while browsing reddit and they are a cool group of indie devs trying to make something truly interesting.

  Topia Online is a cutthroat sandbox style MMORPG that lets you really build and do whatever you want.  From assassins to wolves, every NPC and player and enemy is controlled by the players.

  Players are given full scripting ability to create NPC shops, guards, and build and create their own world.  But it is not without risk!  Death is permanent and devastating.  When you die, your character is gone.  For good.

  But the leveling and progression is unique and should be fun and feel fresh.  The beta will start some time Q1 2013 but if you want to support them, you can check out the kickstarter here:  Topia Online Kickstarter

  One of my favorite teaser screen shots so far is this one:

The game has classic SNES style graphics and it is a nice refreshing colorful break from the over realistic worlds that MMOs tend to push.

  Also I have started a guild on the forums.  It is one of the first few guild before the kickstarter drew in a bigger crowd and I really hope it takes off.  You can check out the guild forum post here:  The Assassins Guild

  Yes I started a cutthroat guild of assassins and mercenaries.  We'll control the underground and strike in the night.  It should be a fun way for people to get together and enjoy the cutthroat style of the game.

  If you haven't checked out the kickstarter, go do so!  And pledge, these guys are really awesome for trying to make such a big project and I really hope they succeed and do well.

  Cheers for Josh and his crew for Topia Online!


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