Thursday, May 23, 2013

[SBX:I] Level 4 finished, balanced and some small updates.


  Level 4 is finally finished.  It was way too difficult so I toned it WAY back.  It's still hard at this point but definitely more doable.  I was losing to my own level before.  Hah.  Also there are tons of little things and bug fixes.  There is a nasty bug where saving to the .ini file bugs out the screen sometimes and lags the game. I have this mostly fixed (I think) but it still happens some times.  It might have to do with read/write accessibility of the folder.

  So what's new?  AIUA has a voice!  That's probably the biggest thing, AIUA now has spoken lines for all the story and a few announcements such as your miners dying.

  Also, Laser Turrets are less buggy and sniper turrets are more accurate especially on stopped enemies.  There are still a few small niggling bugs but most of the glitches are taken care of.

  New songs have been added to the game as well!  Level 3 and 4 now have new music thanks to some awesome work by Jimecide!  The tutorial and starting levels are also a bit slower and walk you through a little better.

  Here are the new download links:
  Yoyo Games - GAME DOWNLOAD
  Mediafire - Game Download

Check it out and let me know what you think:  Specifically I'm looking for feedback on Pacing and Difficulty.

I'll try to get a bit done when I can but for now enjoy Level 4!


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