Monday, August 8, 2011

[SBX] Work, Work - L4 Complete

I still don't ever have any time, but as I was able to set aside some time last week (and then after a nice break from programming some time today) and I finished levels 3 and 4 of SBX.  It has been an interesting past week.  Getting Ben, my brother--who is doing the music tracks for the game and the logo for the small company I am going to start as a entrepreneurial venture to make games--to actually make the sound tracks has been tedious.  But things have been going well.  I now have an official QA tester working with me on the game over the internet.  Putting together a team is an interesting endeavor.

Level 3 was tough, Level 4 took only a few hours to finish.  Then a couple more for bug fixes, but comparatively short.  There is still a mysterious bug where some people will have severe lag when trying to load the game and it freezes up, but that is the only known unresolved bug at the moment.  There was another bug with objects crashing, but I believe i circumvented it in the latest upload.  I made it so that two objects that need to interact will just destroy themselves instead of crashing the game when the other object disappears before they are ready for it.  The game has some 8 bit sounds so far, but will have a nice background sound track.

As of now half the items in the game are available to unlock.  I still have to figure out the story line for the last four levels and make a nice ending event for the story.  After the story line, an endless mode will be unlocked where massive waves of enemies will spawn until you die.

Programming the game is fun, but I have been ran ragged with working 6-7 days each week.  There hasn't been much time I can set aside to program.  All my free time goes into either programming, the woman or sleeping.  Not much time to relax and enjoy life lately.  But the effort will be worth it at the end.  After all I might as well push myself while I am still young.

Sayounara Minnasan,


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