Friday, September 23, 2011

[SBX] Level 5 - Back in the mix

Live has been fun, but I need to find a new job.  I have a few leads but no interviews so far, so I haven't had the chance to talk myself into a position yet.  But there are a few leads and I'll keep using my free time to learn and gain more skills.  A sales position in Denver might be the option I'll have to take, but it's a good company that interacts with the media.  I have a contact there and am eager to hear back from the management.  Until then, I'll keep learning JavaScript and Unity and finishing my game.

Jenny, my girlfriend, has been considering getting her teaching licence.  She just became an assistant manager, but would like to get out of the food services industry and utilize her master's in history.  She'll make a great teacher some day, she truly does care about people and helping them grow.  Not many teachers are like that it seems today.

It's been a while since I've had time to sit and program a lot.  Even less time to sit and write.  From work, to job searching, to the girlfriend, I have had my hands full.  BUT, I was finally able to finish the fifth level of SBX.  Designing the boss was interesting.  Starting out as a sketch on paper, I reworked the idea twice and game up with this sketch:

And then finished in game looks like this:

It's fun to go from basic sketch and implement the bosses the way I imagine them.  I have begun to sketch out the level layout for level 6 and it should be fun to put together.  I have learned a little more about masking and figured some stuff out so it should be easier than Level 3 - as it will be a similar type level.

It's been fun seeing the game progress and I look forward to the finishing touches stages.  Adding in neat features like online scoring tables and better graphics, better effects, etc.  Just 3 more main levels and then the endless level and I'll be done.  It's a fun project and I've enjoyed being able to program and figure out how to make it cool.

Well that's about it for now, work soon, and I'll try to post more often.

For those of you who view this blog and lurk in the shadows, I have just the code for you!  
Enter "Raven" as your name (in the latest download file - you'll have to go download the new one)  to unlock  the special Raven Subclass Starship!  The custom skin will scare those fuscians out of the galaxy!

Just a special little something for those who have read the blog ;)

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