Saturday, September 29, 2012

[SBX2] Was bored so a tiny update

Been busy with wedding planning, working shitty 12 hour night shifts and trying to get a team to gold league in League of Legends, but spent a little time doing some programming on SBX2 and getting some creative writing out of my system.  I've decided to just start writing short teasers, a couple pages long just to barf out ideas onto paper.

You can read my short story teaser here:

  So I kinda missed working on this project so I think when I have the extra time, I am going to continue development on it.  Just in little bits at a time.  But I did a little bit of work and reduced the area in the starting tutorial area to a smaller map with less enemies and took out one of the harder enemies on the map.

Also I added a fourth enemy type to the game!  I ripped a sprite from SBX and tailored it to match the sprite style of SBX2 which varies a bit from the first.

Here is a picture showing all 4 of the enemy types in the game (and 1 subtype):

At the bottom is the newest enemy, the spread shot battle ship.  It fires six shots in a spread at once (similar to the first SBX) and moves rather slowly but has a lot of HP.  I'll probably chuck this guy in the next level after I finish the boss of level 2.  I'm still not sure exactly what I want to do for the boss, but it's going to be a pretty epic battle cruiser and we'll see what he ends up looking like.

Anyway, that's the tiny update, when I get a bunch of content I'll release a new version of the game on yoyogames.  

In other news I'm still slowly working on learning C# but the time and motivation escape me sometimes.  I'll just keep trudging along.  Also, I've been looking into various international business jobs as well as that would be really fun.  I would love to work at Riot, and they have the perfect position for my degree... now about getting them to even look at my resume... It's rough, but I'm doing my best to try and make contacts and get my name out there.



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