Wednesday, October 3, 2012

[Design] It's Evolving! Kha'Zix Pokemon Sprite

  My night shifts have really thrown me for a loop these past few days.  I've been awake for periods of 7 or so hours at a time then I need to sleep again.  Slept most of my days off and I go back to work in twelve hours as it is 7 am now.  But in all my narcolepsy and insomnia I did something sort of productive!

  I wanted to make a 80x80 sprite in the design of pokemon for Kha'Zix to kinda play off him looking like Scyther.  So I shrunk down a scaled image, created a black outline and made a palette.  I think I made my palette too complex for such a small sprite and I might go back and simplify the sprite a bit but here he is:

It's not very big, it's only an 80x80 sprite, but I wanted him to be the evolved form of:

Even though my spriting style is a bit more complex than Scyther.

Here is the image I based my sprite off of as well:

It took a few hours but it was enjoyable.  I like pixel art a lot and it was fun to scale the big picture down and try and make it look half decent.  I think I honestly need to tone down my palette into about half as many colors and rework him, but for now he'll do.




  1. Hey great job, is there a program or process you follow in order to scale an image down into pixel form? What did you use?

  2. I just used Paint.NET which is a program similar to photoshop.

    You can use these basic steps to make sprites:
    1. Take the image and scale it down to a 80x80 size on the base layer.
    2. Select your colors for the palette (i usually just draw these on the side of the image/layer I'm working on) **also I probably need to use less colors and rework this sprite to make it less detailed and more spritey**
    3. Then on the next layer draw a black outline of the character/sprite.
    4. Next use your color palette to color in your sprite and shade it! I generally use 1 shade darker for the outline (so your dark areas will have a near black/black border but your lighter shaded areas will have a lighter outline for the char. (you can more easily see this in the scyther sprite)

    That's pretty much what I did, it took me a few hours as I drew it pixel by pixel using the pencil tool haha. That's how I prefer to do art, I'm no fancy shmancy graphic designer I just do simple pixel art