Wednesday, October 10, 2012

[Design] Talon, The Blade's Sprite


Today I bring you a new miniature League of Legends character Sprite!  Talon has long been one of my favorite characters in League and here he is for you to bask in all his miniature glory!

First I pulled this image off the web:

Which I shrunk down to your typical 80x80 sprite size and then outlined him and here are the three steps to completion of the sprite:

**If you haven't read how I make these sprites from my "how to make sprites" post, see here for a more detailed explanation:**

1.  Got my black outline from the shrunk image

2.  Filled in the main background colors and got my initial palette.

 3.  Added colors as needed to the palette and finished shading the sprite.

4.  And one more fun step for good measure, gave talon a background and a title:

EDIT:  With touch ups (didn't like the shading in his left knee).

And there it is!  My Talon Miniature Sprite.  If you like the sprites I've done so far subscribe to the blog to see more in the future or leave a comment about what character you'd like to see sprited!  

Thanks for reading!


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