Friday, July 12, 2013

[SBX:I] Week 2: Level 6 & 7 - Optimization!


It's been a good week, a long week of working and programming.  I'm excited for this weekend because our stuff comes tomorrow!  So I won't have a shitty chair anymore, and then the Internet is getting fixed Monday.  Hurrah!


Lots has been added this week.  Level 6 and 7 are finished, and much has been added on the back end.  Ghost Mode has been added as well.

Version 0_00_15 Patch Notes:

  • Ghost Mode has been added:  Pressing R will now disable building, but allow you to fly through walls.  You can go back to Build Mode with R or by Right Clicking to cancel Ghost Mode.  Ghost Mode replaces the old long range mode from before.  Here are some screenies:\
Normal Mode:

Ghost Mode:

  • Menu Music!  A nice slow beat now plays during the Level Select and Options Screens.
  • Level 6 and 7 are out!  You can now defend the frozen glacier belt of Level 6 and defeat the massive Satellite Laser Boss in Level 7!  
 Level 6:  Glacier Belt

Level 7:  The Orbital Defense Satellite

  • 2 New Enemy types!  The Cargo Bomber which will release Kamikaze Bombers when it get's destroyed and the Turret Builder enemy!  These 2 guys are tough and will force you to think up new strategies.
Enemy G:

Enemy H:

  • You can now turn on Quick Text:  It'll deactivate a lot of questions and checks that appear throughout the game to streamline your experience!  
  • Also there is a larger Building Structures List!  It's much easier to see and read now and is about 50-60% larger than the old one.
New Building Structures List:

  • Updated Pathfinding:  One of the big back end things that was finished this week was a revamp of Miner and Enemy Type: Sabo pathfinding.  They now check for multiple paths, and then prioritize which ones are the most efficient.  It fixed a lot of issues and is a much better and more solid system than before.
  • The Placement System is more accurate.  It now adjusts placement of buildings to feel more natural and more accurate.
  • Enemy Staggering.  When Enemies Pile up, they will stagger just slightly so you can see them easier.
  • Split Error Messages and Enemy Drop Messages.  Error Messages are larger and more noticeable as they are much more important.  They now are a bit to the right of the drop numbers from enemy kills.
  • You can now press 1-5 to select the Structure in your currently selected Category.

Well that's most of the big stuff.  So many little things were done this week too!  If you want to be added to the alpha tester list, shoot me an e-mail at: and I'll put ya on the list for the next alpha testers.

I'm recruiting another 5 testers at this time, so feel free to contact me if you're interested.

Cheers and have a good weekend!

~WakeskaterX / Jason~

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