Thursday, February 9, 2012

[GMC Jam 5] Revision

GMC Jam #5: 

  Well we didn't do as well as we wanted to in the Jam despite voting not being over yet, but we know why.  The battle system wasn't that fun!  I had developed it more in the difficult arcade style and that didn't go over well, and that is understandable.  We had limited time to test out and had no feedback before the Jam finished, but I learned a little about how to make the game attractive.

  There were a few things that confused new people trying the game and I'm trying to work out ways to make it more clear.  First of all many people got to the sword and didn't know where to go.  We had a sign there but many people didn't know to use 'K' or 'X' to read it.  So I put a little graphic on it to tell you.

They got stuck here:

Where they couldn't pass without double jump.  And they needed to go back to the beginning:

In order to cut the vines there.  As you can see the sign now has a little arrow pointing to the left to tell the player to go that way and I added in an HP recovery pool so the player can sit and recover some HP if they took too much damage.

With sword in hand, the vines pose no problem:

Also I changed it so when you die, you restart from after the initial cut scene.  As you beat bosses this will change so that you can save from various locations.  I'll need to fix this as because the game save doesn't save data types, you keep all your words when you die, which needs to be fixed.

Some other fixes are:  Increased damage, a knock back factor when you hit enemies (to make it easier as well), and we'll try to make the game simpler to understand as well.  I think it's a big improvement but we won't release the new file until after the Jam voting is over.

Here is a screenshot of the knock back factor:

The turtle enemy get's thrown back a little bit by the sword slash.  In addition, sword slashes move forward a bit giving you a slightly larger attack range on your weapon.  

All in all, the game is a lot easier and the player will be able to advance further and collect all the words.

Coming soon:
  -The Town Level and boss
  -New words
  -Perhaps lives (potentially)  definitely lives ;D
  -New enemies!
  -New Cutscene graphics and story

Stay tuned for more updates to Julius Dragonslayer.  As always, we hope you enjoyed a look into the updates we are working on!


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