Monday, January 30, 2012

[GMC Jam 5] A polishing touch

GMC Jam #5:

Game Download LINK:

Well the GMC Jam is drawing to a close.  With only an hour left we are putting the final touches on Julius Dragonslayer.  The introduction story is complete so you know what is going on and we've added tons of words.  We have new sound effects and graphics and everything is looking great so far.

We have 3 levels ready for the Jam with tons of words.  Both words that enemies drop and hidden words across the level, try to find as many as you can!

For those of you that don't know:  The GMC Jam is a 72 hour game design competition using Game Maker.  There are lots of entries each time and it's a ton of fun.  You are allowed to use preexisting sprites and sounds however, our team created nearly everything from scratch for this game.  We have designed new code, new sprites, new enemies, new sounds and music and have put the package together to make a beautiful looking platform adventure.

Some of our latest screen shots are:

This is the kind of game that after this Jam I would love to work on and turn it into an extensive, extravagant, well made game.  I think all of us really like this game and will put much work into it in the future.

The Jam this year has been a lot of work, but an incredible amount of fun.  Our team has done a great job and I'm proud of what we have accomplished in a mere 3 days.

The IMProved Ultimate Wakeskater Studio Team:

IceMetalPunk:  Programmer, Sound Engineer, Effects Artist
TheUltimate:  Level Concept, Sprite Artist, Background Artist
WakeskaterX:  Level Design, Programmer, Enemy and Item Artist

All of us have put an incredible amount of work into the Jam this year and I hope you like our game:

Julius Dragonslayer


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