Saturday, March 17, 2012

[J D] Pirate vs Ninja

  Stuff has been pretty hectic.  My car is still out of commission and I need to take the engine out this week and replace the head gasket.  I'm not looking forward to it much since I've never taken apart an engine before.  And there are a lot of things to take out of there.  As far as work goes, I am getting a promotion (sort of) from operations and mechanic to full time stationary engineer.  I'll have night shifts in full 12 hour rotations with day shifts as well (the sleep change is gonna kill).  But I will get paid more and have a nice premium for night time shifts.

  Well I did manage to set aside some time today to finish out the first boss of Julius Dragonslayer!  You will have to battle against the mean ol' pirate to get what you need to continue through the game.

Here are some screenshots of the action:

You face off against a pirate created by the Playwrite:

But dodge his bullets!  He packs quite a wallop!

Don't forget to dodge the fire from his trusty cannon as well!

And goodness gracious the cannon fires in the air too to drop on you from above! Careful!

Once you beat the pirate you'll get the word for "Bomb" which allows you to go back to the starting area and blow up the stone wall leading to the rock boss.  Once you beat him you can enter the fiery caverns below!

You can find the new file at the usual location here:

If you haven't tried JD yet, let us know what you think!  And if you have try the newest file and give us some feedback!  We are always eager to hear back opinions on the game.

Thanks for reading!


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