Monday, March 26, 2012

[J D] Quality of life improvements to J D

Well first of all I did get my engine fixed and all is running well!  The only hitch was we missed 1 wire to the fuel injection system and I also bought the wrong oil filter and blew 30$ of premium grade oil all over my driveway.  But, other than that we changed out the head gasket, manifold gaskets, valve cover gasket and cleaned up the engine a bit and it runs great!  We also fixed some bad wiring in the car that might? have been causing problems.

Also I have a bunch of new character skin sketches and a new character sketch for my League of Legends character design stuff and I'll add that in later (when i can find a damn SD card for my copy machine... [which doesn't copy to the computer cause it sucks]).

J D:  
It's a simple update basically some quality of life improvements making the game simpler and more intuitive.

Some things added are:

1.  Player attacks now have an element or attribute attached to them.  Some of these include:  Cut, Explosive, Fire, Ice, Electric, Wind, Normal.  We may add some later but for now these are used to:  do more damage to enemies susceptible to that type, destroy certain types of walls, open certain things, more later on with types and what to use them for.

2.  Ink values are now displayed above the ink bar.  Each ink bar has 100 ink possible and now you can see exactly how much you have and compare with the required cost in your notebook!

3.  Enemies drop alternative inks sometimes if you already have max ink of the type they were going to drop.  In other words, sometimes an enemy will now drop red ink if you have 100 black ink and vice versa.  This is to give you a little wider variety of ink if you are using a lot of 1 type (gold is the same and just as rare).

4.  More red ink spells!  Before we had lots for gold and black ink, but in this patch I added 5 new spells that use red ink!  Remember they disappear but they can all be gotten again from drops.  I've even tossed a few of the new spells in locations to find them.

5.  Healing well now heals for more!  Since you will probably sit there till full HP anyway, I just made the healing well heal faster.  Now you don't have to wait QUITE as long, as it heals 2.5x more per tick ( i think is the adjustment i made ).

6.  Throwing enemies give more warning.  The rock guys (only grey ones for now) will now jump before throwing a rock, so get ready to dodge!

7.  The pirate boss now speeds up his attack timer under 30% and there are now cross hairs for the cannon drop attack (the three cannon balls from the sky).  Because the screen is so short, it was hard to dodge those cannon balls coming down from the sky since you didn't know where they were going.  Now there are some cross hairs to tell you where they will hit.

8.  Added a few informational signs in the first area and added a use space bar floating text item.  Since we changed up the way you use words, I added in some new information for the player to read / see.  This should help new players figure out how to use items.

9.  Equippable words are now labeled with the word Equip.  Now items you can equip with words are  labeled as such.  For example:  'Sword' is now 'Sword Equip' and 'Throwing Knives' are now 'Knives Equip'.  Also there are some new equippable items added (Ninja Stars! - LvL 3 drop).

So let's show look at some screenies and I'll show you 1 or 2 of these things:

Screen Shot 1:  First you can see the ink values at the top of the screen now.  They are hard to see with some backgrounds so I will probably make a somewhat see through background to kinda give a little balance for the UI.  Second, the enemy is jumping right before he throws his rock at me.  (for now they make a little face, i'll fix that).  And third you can see the new floating word item, Use Word:  Space Bar, to let you know how to use a loaded up word.

Screen Shot 2:  Now you can see the cross hairs for the first boss.  That is the location where the cannon drop will fall so don't stand there! (Unless you like being hit by cannons).

Screen Shot 3:  Here is one of the new spells!  Ice Blast fires out shards in 8 directions and when they hit enemies they will slow them.  Ice attacks will slow most enemies for a short period of time.  Also keep an eye out for Ice Lance and Ice Turret, 2 new spells that you can get from drops (or find).

Well that's it for this post.  I'll try to get some work done this week but the next few weeks after this week are going to be ultra busy at work as we are being asked to take on extra shifts to cover for people quitting, that means 57-60 hour weeks for a few weeks, so I'll be limited till about mid April on what I can do for J D.

Also, coming soon:
-Another Level!
-Descriptions on the notepad (or next to it) for what words do.
-Fix word lengths in the notepad and re-work the notepad.
-Better music and more varied music (boss music esp).
-More words (always).
-Something else I haven't thought of yet!

Well, as always, thanks for reading and stay tuned for a new post about my league of legends sketches when I can figure out how to upload them.


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