Friday, March 2, 2012

[J D] Upgraded Battle System

Life has been fairly hectic, I've been working a LOT, running to train for a half marathon in May and I am now engaged!  I proposed to my girlfriend on her birthday and well, she said yes!  Other than that work has been good, life continues on as usual and enough of the boring stuff:

Well it's been tough to find time to sit down and code, but I did some recently and upgraded a few things that I thought might be a good improvement.

Of course there are also new words added as with nearly every update!  I can always find a few minutes to craft a new word into the game for a new release ;).

Well here is the biggest update:
Using a word from your notepad no longer uses it immediately.  Instead it stores it in a word slot at the top of your screen and when you press the space bar, it will use the top word.  You will be able to unlock up to 3 slots in the game when it is finished.  Also, pressing space when there is no word will automatically select the last word you used IF it was a black ink word.  That way you don't blow a bunch of red and gold ink accidentally.

Here are some screen shots:

See that little circle in the picture above? Well when you use a word it fills in green as shown below.

  I need to adjust some of the colors as well, but it shows you in black/red/yellow which type of word it is as well.  I think I'll change black to blue as the contrast right now is terrible with black.  I've tried all the shades of gray as well.  Some new stuff that you probably won't notice as much is in the newest file as well:  Level 1 is redone (mainly the area leading into the caverns).  There will be a new mini boss there that you have to beat to gain entrance to the caverns.  I made the area for him and set it all up. 

As for the first boss in the game, the room is all ready, I am waiting on a ship sprite and the graphic for the boss to begin implementing him.  He'll be a pirate boss with cannon attacks and gun shots.  Perhaps some bombs too.

All in all, it's been a busy time for all of the people on this project.  I know that I am also very busy, but I am glad to set aside a little bit to get some work done and *finally* post a little bit about the progress of JD.



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