Monday, April 2, 2012

[Design] Character Design - Feiron Colored

Well it is now Face book official that I am engaged.  But things are going well, work is going alright, the half marathon in Michigan is coming up in about a month!  Holy smokes I don't think my 5 mile run is going to cut it.  I need to start upping my mileage.  Also I'm planning on getting back into the Unity course by Walker Boy Studios and finishing that up to put on my resume.

Kind of a conglomeration of things going on at the moment.  Especially with wedding planning and all sorts of things.


The reason I'm posting is to show the first stages of my coloring project of Feiron, The Lightning Dancer, a sketch I did last December.  Feiron is a league of legends champion concept, and I'm making a color version of the sketch.  Now bear in mind that I am not a professional artist, I just draw and work on Paint.NET for fun.  So don't compare me to your deviate art friends (like some I have) that blow my art out of the water.

But here is what I have done so far.  I took the sketch, outlined it in black and colored in each section in different layers for me to work on later separately.

Feiron (First Initial Flat Coloring without Shading):  

So this is just the initial coloring, I'll have to go back and add texture and shading all over as well as details like the inside of his ear and other places.

BUT, I just figured I'd share it since it takes me forever to do art projects like this.

Stay tuned for more JD updates (Which are in the works)  and make sure to check out SBX if you haven't yet here:  Games Portfolio:

Thanks for reading!


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