Wednesday, April 4, 2012

[J D] Lava Caverns: Part Deux!

  It has been a hectic time (as is per the norm) but I managed to get a bunch done to JD in my day off today.  (Even though I didn't get to go running >_>, and by didn't get to go, i mean just didn't go)  Things have been well and looking through all the marriage planning books is quite... interesting?

  Well, there is a new update to Julius Dragonslayer!  I finished planning out and designing the next level in the fire caverns area.  I personally hate the two backgrounds I have made for those levels, I will need TheUlt to make me some prettier ones, but for now they'll do.

Game Download Link:

What's new?
- New Level!
- New Enemy!
- New Word!
- Fun!

So let's look at some screen shots and see what we have going for us in this new update!

As you can see there have been some slight UI changes as well.  We'll see how they go over for now.
But there is the Lightning Ball that has been used, a new word in the game!

Here is a screen shot of the new enemy!  He'll fire some wicked fire wheels at you, so make sure to dodge!
Also he teleports around to different platforms so be careful.

There are two different patterns for the new enemy in the game.
He has his little zone he likes to teleport around in.  
(HINT, if you Jump Dash through him, you don't take damage)

Well, look for some new updates coming soon as well!

Things in the development queue:
- Lives will drop to a Heart x Number format after 4 lives so that when you collect a lot they don't spread across the screen
- Journey Stones will allow you to save your game for later fun!  (This will take a system revamp)
- Teleporters will require you to use your action key (X/K) before they port you so it's a manual thing rather than automatic.
- Other fun stuff and revamps I haven't yet thought of, (or ones I thought of and forgot to write down)

Well thanks for reading!


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