Thursday, April 26, 2012

[SBX] Endless Level Added

Well, Originally I wanted to have an endless level to test out new weapons on for SBX, but I never had added it.  I have now completed the new Endless Level for SBX where you can test your mettle versus endless waves of enemies.

Enemies start out with half health on the first wave, but each wave increases their HP by 50% of their original HP.  So at level 2 enemies have 100% hp, at lvl 3 150% hp and so on.  They keep getting harder and harder to kill!

Also, you don't gain any experience for your weapons in endless mode.

And, if you score high enough, you may just unlock one of your Ultra Items!  Sweet!

Well here are some screen shots of the new level:

The New Map Screen:

Crazy Waves of all types of Fuscian Space Ships:

And if you manage to get one of those high scores, (pretty tough to do without beast weapons), you could unlock some pretty neat items:

Well there were a few other bug fixes and things I added here and there, but now the game has everything I originally intended it to have!  

Try it out and let me know what you think of the new endless level, also, I'll be keeping a tally of the best high scores in the GMC topic:

And you can as always, download the game here:

Thanks for reading!


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