Tuesday, August 21, 2012

[Design] League of Legends Comic Contest

Comic Contest:

Well I may be no artist, but I decided to make a submission to the League of Legends Comic Contest found here:


I did the drawing in pen, sharpie marker and colored pencil, then added some effects in Paint.NET.

I'm not skilled enough to do it all in Paint.NET/Photoshop without spending weeks examining pixel by pixel  (this is why i like pixel art better)  so that's why it's of questionable quality.

Oh well, whether or not I win doesn't matter much, but I had fun making it :).

Here is  my comic:

As you can see, there are surely many other artists who exceed me in ability.

But maybe it'll cause a chuckle.

Well that's it for now, I got  myself a C# Book and have been studying up on C# to hone my programming ability.  I'll probably end up using C# with my next project, which I have started planning, which will be developed in Unity3d.


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