Monday, August 13, 2012

[Personal] Denver County Fair - Insomnia

  Well, I have about 5 hours left to sleep in the night before I wake up for my 12 hour shift and insomnia has bared it's dripping fangs.  So I decided to check on things on my computer and thus I came to posting on my blog.  The past weekend was fairly fun and I did some interesting things.

  The big one was the Denver County Fair.  On Saturday I traveled down to Denver with my little brother to go to the fair and check out the new segment called the "Geek Pavilion" where some of the guys I met at the IDGA meeting were hosting their game, Zen Pathz.  The name of the studio is Limn Interactive, and you can check out their website here:

  The game is actually pretty dang cool.  You play as a little samurai / ninja dude that has the ability to paint on the world.  The game is played with an XBox controller and one joystick is used to move the player about and the other joystick is used to move about a brush.  The brush uses a mix of black and white paint to either add blocks (black) or erase them (white).  It makes for hectic matches as you try to keep dual track of  your player and the brush.  It is fairly difficult.

  Zen Pathz has all sorts of modes like capture the flag, tag and other game modes.  It makes for a fun, but sometimes frustrating, multi-player game experience.  The game truly shines in its competitive play between teams.  It makes for a fun time with friends.

  Zen Pathz also comes with a built in level editor to create to your hearts content.  I'll most likely be going to the release party that the guys at Limn Interactive are hosting and celebrating the release of their game.  Check out the website and keep an eye out for it coming in September.

  Other than that, I've been continuing my work in Unity3d and going through the Walker Boy Studio tutorials.  I think, however, that once I finish with these tutorials and submit all my labs in to them, that I will begin studying C# to use within Unity.  I have heard good things and I really enjoyed C++ in high school.

  Well hopefully typing and staring at this screen has convinced my brain that its tired and needs sleep.

Thanks for reading and any chance you get, try to engage the indie game design community!  It's a really awesome community of people.


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