Friday, August 24, 2012

[Personal] New Desktop + GW2... ready to go.


Well I got a new desktop today.  It's an ASUS i7 3.4 ghz with 8 gigs of ram, came loaded with an NVIDIA GeForce GT 520 as well (which I may upgrade later).  I also pre-purchased GW2 so that I can play it all this weekend, which I have off. (except for the time I have planned with my fiancee).

I'm pretty stoked as I have not had a decent desktop in a while (years) and this will be a nice upgrade from the integrated graphics I had on my laptop.

Guild Wars 2 looks REALLY good.  I am very stoked to play the game as I have heard good things.  We'll see if it stays good, but it seems like a winner so far.

I also bought a nice 20" Samsung monitor as well and it looks pristine.  Looking forward to having better graphic settings than... lowest.

Well, I also bought a C# book and have been studying up when I can learning all the stuff I have never had to use before, which is good.  I have to read each chapter twice before it fully sinks in and locks into my comprehension but that's just how reading a giant technical tome goes I suppose.

I have begun the brainstorming phase for an app for the Android / ported later to iPhone / probably web build, as well and will start working on creating the assets I need to begin work in Unity3d.  I'll most likely swap my scripting over to C# as well.

That's it for now, just loading everything up onto my new shiny computer!



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