Wednesday, February 13, 2013

[SBX:I] Updates and Bug Fixes (Ver 0.03)

SBX: Invasion:

  Well I have some updates and bug fixes for SBX:Invasion.  I uploaded a file to Mediafire yesterday here:  - old - new V 0.03

  Level 2 is now finished and the logs are current for the newest file.

Dev Log:  2-12-13

  -  Changed Pathing System for enemies.  I had broken it trying to do something else but I reworked the entire system so that it is better and fixed a lot of bugs.
  -  Added in walls that adjust their sprites based on the walls around them to connect forming a single large wall.
  -  Lots of other little bug fixes.

The first log seems like little things but it set the groundwork for the work I did today which will be coming up soon in the next release.

Dev Log:  2-13-13

  -  Fixed enemy pathing (again).  There were still a lot of bugs with the path finding system, particularly when you walled off your base entirely.  I had made the system too complex, so I simplified it and it works a lot better.
  -  Added the Item Destroyer to Level 1.  Now you can press shift to swap between your Item Destroyer and your Item Builder.  The Destroyer will destroy any building, wall, turret or generator under your mouse with a left click.  Right click to cancel and press Shift to go back to your Builder (Which I recommend you keep equipped most of the time)
  -  You can no longer damage buildings with your ship weapons.  Now that the destroyer is added, it is unnecessary and you don't have to be so careful where you shoot.
  -  Increased Player Basic Attack Damage by 50%, reduced Player Basic Attack Cooldown by 50%.  The player ship should be doing significantly more damage.
  -  Increased turning speed in short range mode for Player Ship, increased max flight speed and acceleration in long range mode.
  -  Added Red color to the Item Builder Costs on the GUI when you don't have the required amount.
  -  Generator1 range reduced from 600 to 400.
  -  Mousing over Asteroids now shows you how much Ore is remaining.
  -  Asteroid Ore reduced from 1000 to 500 per asteroid.
  -  Block Wall:   HP reduced from 100 to 50,  cost increased from 10 to 20 Metal.
  -  Steel Wall:  HP reduced from 250 to 120, cost increased from 20 to 40 Metal.
  -  Mining Station:  Gold cost increased from 100 to 120
  -  Gun Turret:  Rate of fire reduced.
  -  Missile Turret:  Rate of fire reduced.  Ore cost increased from 40 to 50.
  -  Enemy 3:  Increased level 1 HP from 450 to 550.
  -  Reduced gold drop amount from Tier 3 enemies slightly.

All in all these changes make level 1 a bit harder, but definitely doable.  You should be trying to build walls to path enemies around your turrets or they will do too much damage to your base.  I increased the metal cost of walls so that you can't just wall off your entire base and keep rebuilding.  I may reduce the cost a bit.

A lot of the new patch is balance changes and hopefully I'll have Level 2 out and some new buildings, generators and turrets to try out!

Check out this screen shot of nearing the end of Level 1:

Dev Log:  2-14-13  (Current)
  - I finished another section and uploaded the new file.
  - Level 2 is finished.
  - Lots of bug fixes, Miners now select a new asteroid instead of blowing up if one is available.
  - Added flame turrets, extended generators, and mining research centers
  - Generators now power a specific number of turrets.  Basic Generators power 3 nearby turrets and Extended Generators power 5 nearby turrets and have a higher range.
  - Lots of other little things but level 2 is active in the newest file!  

Here is a screen shot of Level 2:

Stay tuned for more updates later.  Things to come:
 - More stuff to build
 - Sabotage enemies that target your generators and turrets with massive damage.
 (MUCH LATER) - sound effects and music - minimap - level select - save / load games

Well that's it for now,  cheers-


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