Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why I will never buy Nexon credit again

You would think that in the era of Free to Play games, companies would be intelligent about how they promote and get players to buy their products and try to make the system as convenient as possible.

I recently started playing Dragon Nest because I wanted a game to have fun with friends by running around bashing stuff in the face.  Simple.  And I personally have no problem chipping in a few bucks here and there for F2P games for some of the vanity stuff or bag upgrades and whatnot.  I understand it takes money to run the game and have no problem with the F2P model in general.

So, I am upset about how complicated the system is and how they force you to use systems that are plain stupid.  Let me explain:

In the game you get a starter package for your character, like other asian MMOs these give you coupons and potions and whatnot to help you get into the game.  Well I noticed I had a couple coupons for a discount on a permanent bag slot upgrades.

Although I didn't read it all the way through, I did notice it said that you can't buy with Nexon Credit.  Well, after clicking on it, it shows the discount with the NX icon and the remaining NX after the discount.  So it seems that if I buy the NX currency, then it wouldn't necessarily be credit.  After checking out the pricing I see that, Hey I could buy both discounted items for 5$.  Neat!  And I thought that this is a good way to get your players spending the in game currency by giving them some limited time discounts.  Good marketing, or so I thought.

So I buy the NX Credit, just five bucks worth, and find out, that only NX Prepaid, which I had no idea what that was, could be used to buy the discounted items.  Yes it says you cannot use NX Credit, but that makes no sense and I bought the currency and thought that 'Credit' meant you could charge it and pay it later.

So I'm like, well okay, I guess I have to get this prepaid shit and then get these discounts.  Well it turns out that getting the prepaid 'currency' requires me to either go physically buy a specific card at a store or sign up for this whole online cash transfer bullshit program that looks like a pain in the ass.

This system is a load of jack.  I may play their game still, but probably for not much longer, and I just don't understand this kind of marketing.  It would be VERY smart for them to give you discounts, make it quick and easy to just enter your card and get what you want, but instead, they make the system confusing and a pain in the ass.

Maybe I'm just cranky since I just got off work, but I know that I won't ever be buying Nexon Credit again since it's a load of crap and the 5$ I bought can't even buy any bag slot upgrades without a discount.

If you guys are planning on playing a Nexon game, just beware and read that shit thoroughly.  And Nexon, if you ever read this, please get better marketing guys; if it pisses me off, I'm sure it's gonna piss a lot more people off as well.  (I'm generally a pretty passive and forgiving person with this kind of stuff).

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