Friday, February 1, 2013

[SBX:I] First official Update


  Well it seems it's not doing well at the Jam, it was a bit slow as I didn't have time to tune the wave timer as much as I would have liked because I simply ran out of time.  Anyway, I've updated the file and fixed a bunch of things people complained about.

  What is new in the update:

  Version 0 - Build 001

  - No more intro level, now there is a Tutorial Level and then Level 1
  - Mining Stations can hold 2 miners to start
  - Built interface for mining stations
  - Made it so you can purchase additional miners for 50g by clicking on the station when available
  - The Hud now shows build cost below the name
  - Waves now spawn more quickly and scale in length as the level goes on
  - AIUA from SBX2 now informs you of new information at the start of each level
  - Improved the rendering of graphics
  - Reduced View Max Scaling from 200% to 180%
  - Reduced Gun Turret Rate of Fire, increased Missile Turret Rate of Fire and Power
  - Bug Fixes

So perhaps this will make things a bit more intuitive and a bit easier for new players.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, leave a comment here or comment on the game link at:

You can also download the game from the above link or here:

MediaFire: SBX:Invasion V0_001

Thanks for reading and once I get Level 2-3 done I'll post a new update and some screen shots as well.



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