Thursday, March 28, 2013

[SBX:I] Level 3 (All but the boss) Ready! (V.006)

  Well I pulled one of those night time programming sessions and got most of level 3 fleshed out.  Version 006 is able to be downloaded.

What is new this download:
  -  Some Added Background Graphics
  -  Reduced Metal Prices on some things to give a little more leeway for level 3 and other harder levels.
  -  Added Upgrade Button for buildings (Only works for Weapon Facility atm)
  -  Reduced Core costs on some buildings
  -  Added a new level of enemy!  (Level 7... yikes!)
  -  New song in the game!
  -  Explosion SFX
  -  Mother Effin Laser Turrets.

  So let's look at some things.  First of all Level 3 has 12 waves and at the end you will face off against a boss.  The boss isn't ready yet but I'll work on figuring something out for him.

A new 'level' of enemy has also been added.  Before I had 6 levels of enemies based on color and they had HP multipliers and attack multipliers (among a few other things).  I added a new 7th one that is pretty darn tough to kill.  I had to spam laser turrets around my base in Level 3 to kill em off quickly enough.  And I may make them harder to kill but slow them down a little.

Here is a nice chart I made to show some enemy levels and how it works:

As you can see there are 7 levels of enemies and they start at 100% HP modifier all the way to 4000% HP modifier.  I may bump up the level 7 guys, as they were threatening but by the time they came out I had so many turrets they died before they could do much damage.

Then again, there will be a boss after you manage to hold off all 12 waves.

You are going to be spamming wall repairs in level 3.  Because of this I gave a bit more time between the waves and spread waves out so they weren't as concentrated.  This is because you are keeping track of 2 locations:  Your base and you mining fields.

Here are some screen shots of some of the new things I added this update:

I made a new planet graphic for Level 3.  In some of the other levels you'll notice planets from SBX2 that I added in.

To beat level 3:  Lots of Mithril Walls, Lots of Laser Turrets and power them with Attack+ Generators.  This is how you do enough damage to stop the level 6 and 7 guys.

Also the song that was used before for the levels was Fire Tundra and is the background music in Levels 2 and 3.  The tutorial level and Level 1 have a new background song called Mass Extinction.

I added some explosion sound effects as well and turned down the BGM volume a bit.

Another way to make the level a lot easier is to get the Weapon Facility and click the upgrade button.  If you have enough it will work.  Later I'll add a mouse-over graphic telling you how much you need for the upgrade but for now you will just have to guess!  If it asks a confirmation you have enough resources.

So for now the game has quite a bit of content to play through!  Get to level 3 so you can use those mother effin laser turrets.  They're pretty bad ass.

Download the latest file here:
or here:

Let me know what you think of the latest file!


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