Sunday, March 24, 2013

[SBX:I] Working Generators / Laser Turrets

  I got a couple of critical bug fixes done as well as some other new features to the file!

  Some things you can expect when I release Level 3:
  - Ability to sell Buildings with the Sell button as well as hitting [S] on the keyboard to sell the selected building.
  - I fixed the turret and generator linking.  Turrets will now search out the nearest usable generator instead of trying to link to the nearest one.
  - I removed the item destroyer as you can now sell buildings instead and the destroyer was more annoying than anything.
  - I made a new loading screen and icon for the game.

Here is the new loading image:

And the new game icon:

  - Added and tested the new Laser Turret!  This new turret locks onto a nearby enemy and then after a short charge time, releases a powerful laser beam on the enemy.

Here is a screen shot of the new Laser Turret in action:

Those enemies in that screen shot are Sabo type enemies that will target your generators and turrets to try and weaken your base defenses!  Make sure to wall up your turrets and generators when those enemies are out and about!  Also keep track of your walls to make sure they are staying strong.

Some things in the pipeline:
  - More Music!  There is already a second level background music track that James made and it'll be in the game for the next release
  - Sound effects.  I still am figuring out exactly how many / how I want to do the SFX.  I'm going to do explosions for sure, but probably with reduced volume if they are farther from the player.
  - Saving/Loading.  This is on the back-burner for a bit probably until after Level 3 is finished.
  - Tower/Generator Upgrades.  Towers will have a button on the info panel to upgrade them to a more powerful version.  Still gotta work out exactly how I want to do this.  It'll either be separate objects or a new sprite with different effects and better stats.  Generators will be able to be upgraded as well to better generators or with better effects.
  - Building Interaction Buttons.  For buildings like the Mining Depot, instead of clicking on the building you'll have a button to buy new miners.  Other buildings will have different buttons based on what the building does. I.E.  The weapon facility will let you buy weapon upgrades with the button instead of just buying multiple buildings.  This button will be in the Info Tab as well.
  - Level 3 and a boss.

I might release a test demo of Level 3 with the new items and buildings before I finish up the boss.  We'll see.

For now, that's some of the things you can look forward to in the next release!  If you want to stay tuned for the release, subscribe to my blog to stay updated!


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