Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[SBX:I] New Download and some cool new features!

  Spent a few hours a day over the past few days to get some new UI features done to SBX:Invasion as well as some bug fixes and some graphic upgrades.

  Some big things this update include:
    - A Toggle-able Minimap (Turn off if it bogs your computer down, i'll optimize this later)
    - A Toggle-able Information Screen (Click on towers/buildings to select them)
    - The Base doesn't look retarded anymore!
    - Other bug fixes + some back end stuff for future content.
    - Lots of other things, check previous posts for more information.

  First, I upgraded the base graphics since they were terrible; here is the NEW one:

Compared to the OLD one:

As you can see the new one is a lot spiffier and looks a bit cooler.

Also here are two screen shots of the MiniMap and Information Screen toggled on and off via the buttons next to them.  When they are off the buttons are neatly stowed on the side of the screen to give you more viewing space.

 Minimap and Info Screen in the bottom corners: 
NOTE:  Press [M] and [I] as well to toggle the UI elements in addition to the buttons.

  But if it feels too cluttered, then just click them off!

I was using SuperSound DLL for a while but it kept making my computer screen go jet black when the game exited so I found a better DLL for .ogg song files, SGAudio which is working nicely!
[Credit to snake5 from the GMC Forums, i got SGAudio here:  SG Audio GMC Forums]

I definitely have some optimization to do on the minimap and there are some other things I need to work on as well but for now, check out the new graphics and UI elements and if you find any bugs let me know!

Currently known bugs:  
  -  The biggest one right now is the Generator+Turret Linking.  Currently when a generator is destroyed and another built, it doesn't link properly and you might have two generators on the same turret and whatnot and it causes a lot of bugs.  I need to work on a solid fix for this later.

So that's it for now, hopefully I'll get enough things nailed down so that I can start releasing more levels and content.

You can download the file here:



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