Sunday, September 28, 2014

Login Function Complete!

The Login and Registration functions are now complete!

I spent all of today porting the back end code from Java to PHP.  It took me a decent bit, but I combined some sections of the code as PHP isn't as conducive to OOP as Java, and I didn't need the modularity I had before.

The site uses some client and server side authentication so if you want to try and break it, by all means please try while my database is largely empty!

I ran into a couple bumps deploying the code tonight, the main one being that yet again, my hosting lacks a certain feature.  Namely MySQL Native Driver, so that means the functions I had built to connect to MySQL didn't work so I had to rework them all to work without the driver.

Minor stuff, but still, annoying.  I'll have to take that into account in the future as well.

However, the website and login functions are fairly secure, I still have a bunch more security to add as well, but for now I'm happy with the deployment.

The next step is using the generated internal token to authenticate e-mails by sending automated e-mails so that visitors can Opt-In to the news feed.

Exciting stuff!  I'll start work on that next weekend, so hopefully I can start authenticating e-mails automatically in the registration process.

Cheers and go register at the website!

-Jason C.

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