Thursday, November 10, 2011

[SBX2] The beginnings of a team

I posted on the forums yesterday with a long detailed post about gathering members for a team.
That's the forum post if you are an indie developer, artist, or very familiar with GML.

As i started to plan out SBX2, and what I wanted to do, I quickly realized that I, alone, was not sufficient to make lots of progress on the game quickly.  I know how to make sprite sheets, I know how to program engines, I know how to use fruity loops to make music, but is it my specialty?  Not really, I'm probably strongest in programming, but too do all these things would take forever.  So I detailed out a very specific post requesting members for a serious team.

So far I have had two replies:  Someone who I had met on LinkedIn weeks earlier just replied to a message and was interested (not knowing about this project) in being a writer, so I figured, I could use some extra talent and ideas.  And then I got a reply for a sound artist for SBX2 as well today.

I plan on being the Creative Director for this team, and overseeing project scale and organization.  I plan to meet once a week with the team over Skype to discuss the project's status and projection over the next few weeks.  I plan to have at the end:  A Graphic Artist (specializing in pixel art), a Sound Artist, an engine programmer, and me, the director.  Also if it works out I might add a writer to the team to document things and help with the creative aspects. 

I am excited to work with other people and learn how to manage a project effectively while motivating unpaid designers and artists to be a part of a team.  Keeping it highly organized and managed well will allow people to have specific goals for each week.

Stay tuned to see the progression of the team, and future updates to SBX2.

Also I have re done some of the level sprites, and completed the running, jumping, standing sprites for the main character in the platforming sections.

Thanks for reading!


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