Monday, November 21, 2011

[SBX2] Inching Along

Well progress is slow on SBX2, I have a new job coming up and have been busy moving my girlfriend in to her new apartment.  There has been a lot to do the past couple weeks and I haven't gotten as much done on the game as I would have liked.  I have had a few more responses from people for the team, but haven't locked anyone in yet.  No response from any graphic designer yet, but i have had a few composers and programmers contact me.  I think I'm still going to be doing most of the programming, as it is my game and my code at the moment.

The past few days have been re working a few things about SBX2.  First of all, enemies were able to instantly face you no matter where you were, once you were in range.  I have changed up the movement scripts for enemy ships, so they mimic the players movement.  They now have to spend time turning to face you, and will not fire if you are not within their sights.  Furthermore, they will disengage after a while, if you are behind a wall, and you can get within range without aggroing them if there isn't a line of sight for them to see you.  SBX2 will also have 3 modes:  Easy, Normal, and Hard.  Easy and Normal will just have enemies with different HPs to make it harder, but hard will have advanced targeting from enemies, making them hit the player based on the velocity of the player relative to the enemy.

I also changed up a few of the platforming graphics and I think i fixed a bug where the player could get stuck too.  The jumping sprite looks slightly less retarded, but I am still probably going to go back and change it again--few pixels here, few pixels--there type of thing.

Hopefully this week will offer some  more time to develop and work on the game a bit.  I have also started meeting with a friend who is proficient in Ruby to start learning some more programming languages and he is going to teach me a bit about version control and test driven project development.  We met last week and I was able to pick up a lot of things from him.  That and we just talked for a long while about random stuff too.

This week should include some updates to the game file, and I might start work on the story line and first level or two.  It'll be quite a bit of work but I have an idea of how I want to go about it this time.  The interface will be similar, but the saving process will be done differently to avoid easy hacking of the game... SBX is easily hacked... like... so easy.

Anyway, that's all for now, stay tuned for future updates to SBX2.


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