Sunday, December 18, 2011

[Design] Character Design Document - LoL - Feiron


Doing a little bit different of a post today.  I made a character design document for a new character for League of Legends.  I sketched up a rough draft on my break at work and put it into a document file and sent it to Riot Games.  Now who knows whether they will even look at it, but I figured I'd share it with you.

Here is the sketch:

I'll go ahead and copy over his moveset information from the file as well:

Moveset Descriptions:  (New information copied from the LoL post)

Note: Feiron Auto attacks at a range (500) , shooting a small amount of electricity out of his glove.

Feiron can alternate between positive and negative magnetic states. In his positive state, Feiron takes 5% less damage from all sources. In his negative state, Feiron has 5% increased damage.

Q – MagneRods Range: 150 CD: (10/8/6) Mana: (25/50/75)
Feiron plants a MagneRod in the ground at the target location. MagneRods are magnetically attuned to Feirons current magnetic state. Magnerods pulse every 3 (affected by CDR) seconds doing 10,20,30,40,50 (+.2*AP) damage to all enemies within 100 range and last for 5 minutes (affected inversely by CDR, as in longer duration by a %). Feiron can plant (2,3,4,5,6) magnetic rods total at levels 1/2/3/4/5. MagneRods grant 125 range sight. Placing a MagneRod will also change your state as well after placement.

W – Lightning Ball Range: 650 skillshot CD: (30/26/22/18/15 sec) Mana: (40/60/80/100/120)
Feiron fires a ball of electricity forward hitting any enemy champions doing 50,100,150,200,250 (+.3*AP) damage. If an enemy champion is hit Lightning Ball will jump to the nearest enemy or MagneRod within 200 range. Lightning Ball can bounce between (3,4,5,6,7) champions or minions (Champions are prioritized) (MagneRods not counted, but Lightning Ball cannot bounce from one Rod to another).

E – Flux Jump Range: 700 CD: (4/4/4/3/3) Mana: ([0 at level 0],10/20/30/40/50)
Feiron transforms into electricity, jumping to the nearest MagneRod of the opposing magnetic state within 700 range. Any enemies he passes through take 50,80,110,140,170 (+.5 AP) damage and upon landing Feiron unleashes a smaller weaker version of magnetic pulse wave out in a circle around the rod (200 range, 10% damage). In addition Flux Jump alternates the magnetic state Feiron is in (activating after his pulse). If used outside the range of a MagneRod, Feiron will pulse in place (still doing a mini Mag pulse Wave) and alternate his magnetic state. In addition, while in negative state flux jump will pull all targets 100 range toward the MagneRod he is travelling to, and positive state will push them 100 range away from the MangeRod he is travelling to. Flux jump can be used at level 0 only to alternate between states.

R – Magnetic Pulse Wave Range: 500 ( wide cone) CD: (60/45/30 sec) Mana: (50/75/100)
Feiron fires a magnetic pulse in a cone in front of him doing 150,280,410 (+.8*AP) damage to all targets. In addition, while in positive state, Magnetic Pulse Wave pushes all targets away from Feiron 200 range, and when in negative state, MPW pulls all targets toward Feiron 200 range (or to him if they are closer than 200 yards).


Shadow Stalker Feiron:

Cyborg Feiron:

Lightning Fused Feiron:

If you like League of Legends, let me know what you think of the Design Document.
If Riot uses it by all means GREAT!  However, my goal is to just get my name out there and have someone say: "eh this is interesting, WakeskaterX  /  Jason Carter... noted"

Because I would love to work for Riot some day. 

Well that's about it for today, I got some of the profile screen coded in for SBX2, I already had the graphics.  It doesn't utilize saving yet, but when I add it in, it will be an easy transition with the profile screen up already.

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