Saturday, December 24, 2011

[SBX2] Level Design Set Up

  It's Christmas Eve! Yay, but I do have to work a 12 hour shift tomorrow on Christmas... sad day.

Things are going well, the job is good and all is well, 'cept my darling girlfriend is out of town, (which is why I took the Xmas shift).

Got some progress done in the past few days.  Upgraded some of the enemy movement coding and added in suicide type enemies who will ram you if you get too close.  Also added new level design with a bland basic template that will be upgraded later.  And I also added a new weapon.

New Weapon:  Spike Mines

If you played SBX (the first one) you might remember these.  Well they are basically the same:  Fire them and watch them sit there until an enemy comes and hits em!  In SBX2 though, they are a lot more  useful as you can swap to ranged weapons after setting up a few mines.

Also I might have a graphic artist/backup coder on the team!  This would essentially give me what I need to start the team in January officially.  I look forward to getting progress really under way and moving forward with SBX2.  So far it's all been testing, fixing bugs, refining the engine, etc, but I still have a lot of stuff to implement.  Once I get the Map and Save System Figured out as well as the AutoShop added, then the rest will be cake.  From there on it's just level design and implementation.

Things I will be adding soon:  New Graphics, Map Level, Save Functions, AutoShop (introduced through the story), New Characters, New Enemies, and a whole lot more!

Also I've been working on refining and consolidating a lot of my code as it tends to get lengthy.  I can probably re-work a few sections of code to make them better as well and more organized.

Well that's all for now, there will be more updates as the new year rolls out.


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