Friday, December 2, 2011

[SBX2] New Job / New Character

The first 5 days of my new job are done.  I logged 40 hours, but will have another 12 on Sunday for an operator training shift, so i'll have 52 hours total for this week.  Pretty darn sweet!  The new job is some tough work, and I have worked 8 days straight so far, (3 were at my previous job), but it should balance out soon and give me some days off to program a bit on SBX2.  There  is a lot to learn at my new job and I have been getting up super early and setting off for the day before the sun hits the ground.  It's tiring, but rewarding.

I look forward to these next few weeks and saving up some money to buy both a car and some holiday gifts.  This job is finally paying decent: something that is somewhat worthy for a person with a collidge collage college degree.  I am definitely looking forward to being able to program some tomorrow, and I have a hot breakfast date with the GF as well.  Of course it is contingent upon whether or not I get called in on my one day off... : /   But hopefully I won't.

Anyway some things to look in SBX2 soon:

Coming soon:

  • Introduction Story Line
  • Tutorial Level and Level 1
  • Profile Saving
  • Fixing bugs and things in  the test room
So I'll start working more on my days off, but I have just been crazy busy with the job switch.

Edit:  Added this later today:  A new character has been drawn up.  I am working on the sprites for the first NPC you come across in the game:  General Bradsworth.

General Bradsworth is the General for your platoon and will help you out a bit at the beginning of the game.

Here is a sprite of him:

He's sportin his sexy medals!

I'll be adding a few more sprites to Gen. Bradsworth, and am combining previous sprites into whole sheets with different character options.  This will let me use him in the story line and give a nice visual to follow with.
Stay tuned for more updates.


Eh, I'm also going to add a new preview of what some of the upcoming graphics will look like.  This at least is a slightly better representation of what I hope to have at the end:

I plan to add nebulae and asteroids and various space items.  I also did something special with the planets.  They don't move at a 1 to 1 ratio with the level.  I programmed them to move closer to you (a little bit) so it seems like they are moving around the level a little, making it seem like there is depth to them and they are farther away, but closer than the stars.


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