Sunday, January 27, 2013

[GMC Jam #9] SBX:Invasion Update 2

SBX: Invasion:

  So far things are going well.  I've had issues with views and had some bugs in the inventory system but at least for now I ironed out most of the bugs.  The player side groundwork is nearly complete, I need to add functionality to Turrets and Buildings and I'll need some way for the player to click on buildings and use the assets they provide.  (Such as making extra miners for the mining station, etc etc)

  The biggest thing that I probably won't get done before the competition is over is:  More information.  As an RTSish Tower Defense game, I know the player will want more information but coding that in with the type of view system Game Maker has takes some time.

  I think I will add a pause screen that shows the costs of items and gives information when you pause so that players can look at that if they need a reference.  Also there is the game help file with F1, but i know for the Jams not a whole lot of people read that.

  Well I have some screen shots!  Here you will see the two different modes (short and long flight modes) as well as the engine particle system and the GUI.  Two of the items are the Turret, and the Generator which powers turrets.  (This functionality still needs to be added in).

  The goal for today is to finish the core elements of game play so that tomorrow I can work on the wave system and start tuning costs/balancing enemies and defensive structures.

  The demo for the GMC Jam will be missing some ideas I have for the game as well, but they'll take a bit too long to implement so (like Player HP) they are canned for now.



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