Saturday, January 26, 2013

[GMC Jam #9] SBX:Invasion

SBX: Invasion:

  I decided last minute to participate in the GMC Game Jam #9 and my entry is SBX: Invasion.  It's going to be a base defense game and I have spent the past 8 hours tonight (until 6am) programming some of the core features and designing new art assets.

  The game will feature a new ship modeled after the 3d model I made earlier.  Here is a little sample:

  So far I have the auto resolution for the screen size working ( i think ), I have programmed the initial stages of the building functions, I have got some zoom features for the view port to give better versatility and range on looking around, and a bunch of other small things I have got done so far (Like a particle system for the boosters)

The big things left are:  Enemy AI, Base System and graphics for all the items available to build, A Wave system to sent out enemies periodically and the GUI.

Some other things to note:  The Ship has 2 modes:  Long and short range, the graphic changes for the ship on each one and your maneuverability changes as well.

The contest ends Monday at 5PM so you can expect a working demo by then.  

I'm now completely and utterly exhausted and need to sleep some, but tomorrow I hope to get another large chunk of the game done.  

Kind of a last minute decision to join the Jam, but I had the weekend off so:  Why the heck not?

Also the Topic for the Jam is:  Science gone Wrong
and the handicap is:  You cant use any humans or humanoids in the game

So I'll leave out the characters from SBX2 and focus on game play and make a little tutorial or intro scene to explain the controls and the game.

Time to crash,




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