Saturday, January 19, 2013

[SBX3] Fighter Concept Art

  No, that isn't a typo.  Although SBX2 is far from completion, I have been playing around with Blender and have been practicing making 3d images and objects.  SBX3 is going to be a 3d game and it'll be made in Unity, and I have some ideas about it so far, but I drew out some 3d sketches and schematics for creating a 3d model for one of the fighters in SBX3 that I'm planning to make, SO I thought I'd share it.

  SBX3 is far, far down the project pipeline so this is just something I did in my spare time that I'll come back to later.

  Here are four sketches on graph paper of the A-Class Fighter for SBX3 (tentative title).

  The first sheet here are the dimensions and design of the main frame of the ship.  This includes:  The Frame, the Cockpit, the Shield Core, the Generator, the Jet Engines, the Cargo Hold and the Wing Mounts.  Also there are corridors between the segments of the ship  (and some landing gear).  A side, top and front view are shown here.

Design 1:

  The second image is the design for the lower wings.  The ship will have four wings total, two upper and two lower wings.  Each wing will both be useful in atmospheric flight as well as space flight.  Small boosters are tacked on to the bottom of each wing to enable them to be useful in space flight maneuvers.  This design sheet includes a top view of the fighter + the wing overlay and then a flat view of the wing for dimensions.

Design 2:

  The third image is the second wing layer.  The upper wings provide additional maneuverability and protection for the core of the ship.

Design 3:

  The last image I have made at the moment is the top armor layer.  This sheet of armor sits on top of the frame protecting the core, generator, hold and corridors.  It isn't added to this drawing yet, but the armor will also have a mag-lev mounting system for magnetically levitating weapons that will float above the ship.  Think fifty caliber machine gun turrets floating in mid air.  I also have to add the bottom layer of armor but that'll be fairly simple and I just haven't made the drawings yet.

Design 4:

  Well that's all for now, I'll start working in Blender on this project both to help me practice working with blender and to help get some things done for SBX3 when I finish SBX2.

  Thanks for reading!


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