Sunday, January 29, 2012

[GMC Jam 5] Day 2: The clutches of time

GMC Jam #5:

  Well after an entire day of programming (which is not yet finished), I give to you the next installment of updates for Julius Dragonslayer.  We have 2 full levels completed, new enemies, new abilities, a new weapon, a menu screen, a splash screen, and so much more added today.

Here is a video of our splash screen:

Also we have plenty of new screenshots of our new level and backgrounds!

For example, notice the hills and mountains in the back, it really adds a lot more depth and feel:

And of course, our menu title screen:

We still have to implement our story and add a bunch more words, but for now there is fun gameplay and enemies to be killed!

This has been a rough past 2 days: gruesome, long days.  It has been fun though, and tomorrow we'll get to finish off the programming and polish it for the voting starting Tuesday.

This has been one of my favorite projects so far.  It has lots of different aspects and I have really enjoyed having 2 other people to work with, even if we dispute stuff often ;).

Stay tuned for more updates as the finish line nears!


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