Saturday, January 28, 2012

[GMC Jam 5] The Power of Words

  Well it's been a busy month but the GMC Jam #5 is finally here!  This time around I am teaming up with TheUltimate and IceMetalPunk to form The IMProved Ultimate Wakeskater Studio!  Fun!

  Well the theme for this Jam is:  "Facade" so our game is based around the character in a false world coming to a self awareness of his world, and with that self awareness he slowly gains the power to alter that world.  Now, I won't go into the details of the story just yet, but you'll see how we are going to do this.

Here is a screenshot of the basic movement engine.  It doesn't show much except my ridiculous stick figure which will be replaced later:

  The game is shaping up to be very interesting and I like how the idea evolved during the brainstorming session.  The biggest part now is staying in communication and organizing: Who Does What.  I started on the movement engine and IMP has developed a word search text engine, but there is still a LOT more to do.

  Today is going to be the big grind to the system.  Once I'm able to contact IMP and TheUlt and I get a giant cup of coffee and some food, then the typefest will begin!

  It's a fun process working with other programmers, but it means I have to keep all my code pretty uniform.  We've decided on camelCase for variables and snake_case for scripts.  And I guess camelCase for objects too.  Also I'm trying to heavily comment my code to more clearly explain what I am doing.  I normally comment it fairly well, but even more so this time.  Also we all have different versions of Game Maker so it takes a little bit of adjustment, we have to export and import files to get them all together.  As it is now we are constructing the skeleton for this game separately one bone at a time, then we will import all the bones into one full skeleton.  And it walks and talks.

  As we progress, expect updates and once we have some images, I'll post more that show what we have done and worked on.

Thanks for reading!


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