Wednesday, January 18, 2012

[Protest] Stop the SOPA and PIPA


"Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both."
- Benjamin Franklin

The SOPA and PIPA threaten the very existence of the internet as we know it. If you haven't heard of these bills yet then you probably don't use the internet much because today is a massive day of protest. Across the web websites have shut down in response to Congress and the House of Representatives bills: The SOPA and the PIPA. What are they? Simply put, these bills are censorship behind a facade of Intellectual Property protection. 

The idea seems great at first:  Let's protect those who have created an idea.  But the laws go so much further.  They would enable our government to shut down any website with even a tinge of copy write infringement.  They would allow our government to ban any foreign websites.  They would allow our government to censor anyone they desired on the internet.  

The SOPA and PIPA would ruin entire internet industries.  The bills say they'll create jobs by eliminating foreign countries from copying our material.  Will they?  Will the lawless simply abide to our "new laws"?  No.  Those who would steal and cheat will still do it regardless of the laws enacted.  These laws only hurt the innocent, shut down the voice of the people, and give government the keys to the freedom of the "world wide web".  Which it wouldn't be any longer.  

Here is a link to Google's fight against the SOPA and PIPA:  You can read more here and take action.

Don't let our government empower itself to take away the rights of the people.  For everyone out there who has a free voice and stands for liberty,  ACT NOW.


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