Saturday, January 14, 2012

[SBX2] Tutorial Area Finished!

Well it's been busy but I have bought a car now and it's an old beat up Acura 88 Integra.  Spent all day today putting a new alternator in and upgrading a few things on it.  I still need to take it in and have Autozone check out  why my check engine light is still on but, overall it was a really cheap car but it'll last me for a while.

I've finished the tutorial area!

The story introduction is now complete so if you haven't yet, try out the new file.  There are still some last touches to add to the game in the tutorial area like a background image and a few fixes to things, but overall it is pretty complete.

The next few big additions are:
1.  The Map System - I'll be implementing a galactic map that lets you select your levels and other things like saving etc.
2.  The Save System - I think I'll continue to use the .ini save system I had for SBX, it's not the most secure but this isn't a game that requires much security.
3.  The Auto Shop - I'll add one of the levels that will unlock a shop through the story line.  After that you'll be able to equip and customize your ship with weapons and items you discover throughout the game.

Here are some screen shots of the tutorial level:

Well, look for more soon, I'll get some days coming up to work on some of the systems.  Graphics are going to take a while too, but I'll get some things done when I can.  I'm also planning on doing a graphic overhaul of SBX1 and updating a few things too.  But that's a side project for when I have the extra time.

Thanks All!


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