Friday, June 8, 2012

[SBX] Balancing Weapons - Etc.


There is a new file to download:  Version 1.6 of SBX:

This is just a short post on some new stuff I worked on.  First of all is some large balancing issues to Level 3 weapons.  All the level 3 weapons should feel powerful and pretty beastly.  Some of these fell way short and had too high of a cool down or too high of a heat cost.  These weapons got buffed.  A few other weapons were putting out massive damage very quickly, and these were nerfed a bit (specifically the splatter cannon Lv 3).

Also I added in a small amount of HP recovery after each wave in Endless Mode.  This way you don't feel AS obligated to take the recovery special on endless mode.  I might reduce the amount healed after each wave on Hard and increase it on Easy too, we'll see.

Some things I want to work on to put some finishing polish in the game before I set it aside again for SBX2:
- 2 more bosses on endless
- Custom Music (If I can find someone)
- Perhaps re-adding a few skins that were long lost when the graphic update came ;)

Well that's it... somehow I get productive after finishing a 12 hour work shift.  Sleep deprivation must spur on creativity.  Either that or I'm not quite sane.  The latter seems like a more probable answer.

Anyway, check out the new file, and let me know what you think!


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