Sunday, June 24, 2012

[SBX] Final Boss Kill Video


As per the request of TheUltimate, here is a video of me beating the final boss of SBX on easy mode.

Honestly I'm not sure the game is able to be beaten on hard... I don't have the patience myself to try, but if you do, kudos and I'll surely reward you with secret codes for SBX2 and whatnot :).

So here is the video:

It took me a few tries to kill the boss because I kept hitting the dashing enemies, but I did successfully beat the level.  So it IS possible.  I highly recommend getting Level 3 on whatever your favorite weapon is.  Perhaps even trying for the Ultra Core from Endless Mode too.  

So enjoy the video, I'll have a new video sometime this coming week of the new items I've added to SBX2.  There are 2 new weapons to show off and some new add-ons.

Enjoy the video!


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