Wednesday, June 13, 2012

[SBX2] Back in Progress - Graphics Update

Well I have decided to start work again on SBX2 and it is no longer in hiatus after 6 months!  I had been working on Julius Dragonslayer and then I started doing some work on SBX1 to polish it up a bit.  And then I just got a hankering to work on SBX2 again.  So I'll start working on it some more.  I did quite a bit of baseline work today for getting graphics ready for Level 1.

Also I did some back end work on a few of the systems to make them more compatible with new stuff coming up.  And I added in Boosters 2-5 and Generators 2-5 as well as adding generators to the game. I hope by the game to have 20-(40 maybe) weapons, 20 addons, 20 generators and 20 boosters.

I spent nearly 2 hours on the basic pipe sprite sheet for Level 1.  I made 2 stages of broken pipe tiles to add to the level.  There are still more graphics I need to make such as:  Fire burning images (yes in SBX fire CAN burn in space... because it's cool),  Electric Shock Images and Wires to go around the piping and create electrical spark zones you have to dodge, Asteroid and Meteor Graphics, building graphics for the auto shop, inside building graphics for a few areas that you can access, and a few other small things.

There is going to be a TON of content in level 1.  I plan to have 3-4 items that you can find and unlock by exploring the zone.  There should be 2 different areas you can enter as well.  This all requires a lot of graphics and it takes me a fair bit of time to create each sprite sheet.

Well let's take a look at some of the progress today:

First we have my original space pipeline tile set that I had done earlier.

And I added 2 new variations to it making a damaged set and a destroyed set.
There will also be electrical shocks and fires on top of these tiles, but I'll probably use objects to make those and give them a bit of damage and whatnot.

I think for now I'll just keep the first 2 types of enemies.  Each area I'll add more types of enemies with different attacks and who are tougher.  Also I don't plan to have a boss for Level 1 but there should be bosses in coming levels as well.  

Level 1 should look very pretty and graphically pretty cool once I get all the background effects and areas set up in it for exploration.

Stay tuned for more information on SBX2, which is now once again in progress! Yaya!

You can download the file from my yoyogames profile here:



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